Epic Teacher Prank of Epicness!

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…seem like a pretty good idea: I’m sure there are people out there who mysteriously and instinctively oppose this. But for the life of me I can’t understand why. [Read more...]

John Cleese on Doctor Who

Extra bonus points if you can spot the connection with the Beatles. [Read more...]

Science and the Works of Mercy

There’s a new technique using silver nanoparticles to render water drinkable. It could save millions of lives. I love it when science is harnessed to the common good. This is every inch the command of Genesis to tend the garden. [Read more...]

This will make you happy

It will also make you inevitably think of this. [Read more...]

Behold the Rube Goldberg Passover Seder!!!

Awesomeness from the students of Technion in Israel: [Read more...]

Dear Robert Downey, Jr.: Respect!

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Extremely cool!

Gorgeous five year time lapse of the sun from NASA: [Read more...]

Altaration: The Mystery of the Mass Revealed

Check it out! The series is geared towards awakening teens to the transforming experience of the Mass. It provides a satisfying answer to to the question, “How can the Church engage teens in the beauty and depth of the Mass with competition like social media and smartphones?” It’s really unlike anything ever done before. It’s [Read More...]


…looks like an interesting new app. [Read more...]