All these artsy folks I know…

…are turning up in MSM venues! Take a bow, Greg Wolfe and Barb Nicolosi (and John Farrell)! More infiltration of the MSM is all to the good! Well done! [Read more...]

My old boss Tom Allen…

gets featured in the NY Times for his interesting new work of bringing the gospel to the wilds of Broadway. Go Tom! [Read more...]

Creation is Amazing

Gotta love them Ted Ed videos: [Read more...]

God, being a fine artist, does not repeat himself…

…but he does rhyme. [Read more...]


[Read more...]

Similar Explosions have been reported…

near Grover’s Mill, NJ and on Horsell Common in Britain. Intrepid reporter Carl Phillips will be reporting from Grover’s Mill in a few moments. [Read more...]

Andrew Jones at Logos Bible Software writes

I hope you are having a blessed Easter Week. I’m writing to let you know about a new project of Logos Bible Software to translate some of St. Thomas Aquinas’s most important un-translated works. I thought your audience might be interested. Maybe a blog post or status update? You can read about it here at our [Read More...]