Reasons Why I Love Reader Victor Lams: An Ongoing Series

Today’s reason: he finds stuff like this: For more of Victor Lams’ delightful dementia, go here. [Read more...]

Woman Chained to Abortion Table 35 Years Ago…

saves a human life. [Read more...]

Lizzie Scalia has big news!

About the latest project from the extremely cool Fr. Robert Barron. [Read more...]

Cracked Catches up with Mike Flynn

It’s consoling when a humor magazine with NSFW language written for college students of the intelligentsia class starts subverting the dominant paradigm by making hip historical truths that Mike Flynn has been pointing out for some time. Turns out we’re not a thousand years smarter than all those medievals like St. Thomas. [Read more...]

JK Rowling is a Class Act

I knew that Rowling was classy, having read about her calling a girl dying of cancer in the States to read to her from the MSS of one of the Harry Potter novels as she was drafting them and then, when she died, seeing to the financial needs of her family.  Now I find out [Read More...]

Hey Science Fiction Fans!

There is Catholic niftiness to be found in the works of artists profiled here and interviewed here. Thanks to reader and skiffy scribe Mike Flynn for the tip! [Read more...]

10 Things…

…you probably didn’t know about Star Trek:TOS. I particularly like Capt. Kirk and Edith Keeler in front of Floyd’s Barber Shop from Mayberry. [Read more...]

I’ve wasted my life

[Read more...]

I’m Mark Shea, and I Approve the Human Slingshot

This looks spine-crackingly awesome. [Read more...]

In the words of Kip Dynamite

I love technology. Here is blogging technology, for instance, helping some fine women who happen to be dispersed all over the San Juan Islands in Puget Sound come together and form a book group for the mutual edification of all, courtesy of my friend Joyce Crain, who is Officially Awesome, not to mention a fine [Read More...]