Brandon Vogt really wants you to read!

To find out more go here. I love this guy! [Read more…]

Fun Old Interview with the Brothers Chaps

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I can never again know happiness in this life

…without an inflatable Irish pub. [Read more…]

The first non-Japanese Samurai…

…was an African slave named Yasuke. There is totally an Idris Elba film in this somewhere. [Read more…]

“You could build a large ship from ‘relics of the True Cross'”

…is a beloved urban legend among people who know nothing about relics of the True Cross. Here is some fact. PS. We have a relic of the True Cross in the altar at Blessed Sacrament parish here in Seattle. [Read more…]

In other Star Trek news…

Here’s a little discussion of what the famous Star Trek battle music owes to Stravinsky: Compare and contrast: And here’s an interview with the composer, Gerald Fried (skip to 13:39 for the Star Trek-related stuff): [Read more…]

Props to Facebook

In honor of the 50th Anniversary of the debut of Star Trek, they did this: [Read more…]

Everybody needs more Ben Hatke in their life

And you can have it today! ¬†Mighty Jack and Miss Piggle-Wiggle are available for purchase! Untitled from Ben Hatke on Vimeo. [Read more…]

Jimmy Akin has a cool post

pinning down the exact date of the Passion and Resurrection. Seems reasonable to me, though I have no doubt there are people who have arguments with it, the details of which totally elude me. [Read more…]

Everybody Needs a Google Map of Middle Earth

Check it out here. [Read more…]