A 5-Year-Old Worries Voyager Will Get Lonely…

…Receives Best Answer Ever [Read more...]

It’s really quite a cozy little planet God has created for us

We live in the hollow of his Hand, protected from all sorts of stuff that howls in the void outside and seeks our destruction. The earth is like a sheltered nursery or a warm cabin with a bright crackling fire in the fireplace while a storm rages outside the door and wolves stalk the dark [Read More...]

Christ the Good Shepherd parish in Saginaw

…has achieved an awesome 15th Annual Lego Church Creation! [Read more...]

Hawk vs. Drone

This hawk does not like this drone, resulting in extreme coolness. [Read more...]

The Latest Animated Coolness from Luke Shea, Eldest Son

He’s also an illustrator for the book. And that’s his voice narrating the vid he made. If you are looking for a gifted animator/graphic artist/editor/all around cool visuals guy, check him out. He’s been a busy bee here in the local industry, but is always looking for the next opportunity. Go here to check out [Read More...]

Star S’mores!

Muppety goodness! [Read more...]

Behold! The Antikythera Mechanism!

World’s oldest analog computer! This should make Tom McDonald very happy. Update: Here’s a cool NOVA special about it: [Read more...]

The Coolest Christmas Present You Can Give to the Bible or Theology Geek in Your Life

is Verbum 6.0. I got me a copy the other day and it is so amazingly, ridiculously, rich in features that I could fill the blog discussing it.  It’s user friendly and intuitive and it just expanded my library by a thousand+ books.  It gives you a wide variety of Bibles with all sort of [Read More...]

How Wolves Change Rivers

The Creator appears to know what he’s doing: [Read more...]

Dear The Internet

I require this for my complete fulfillment and happiness as a human being.  Please attend to me needs, wants, and desires immediately.  Thank you! [Read more...]