Your shot at streaming Great Performances Show on “Hamilton”

Do it right now: [Read more…]

Rod Bennett, my Wednesday “Connecting the Dots” Co-Host…

…will be on EWTN Live tonight at 8 PM Eastern. Don’t miss it if you can! Rod is just an endlessly interesting guy, because he’s interested in everything.  I love him to bits. [Read more…]

101 year old woman receives first communion

What an awesome story! [Read more…]

Archaeologists Discover 19th Century Pub…

full of untouched bottles of brandy. Science marches on! [Read more…]

Black Moon Tonight!

If you know what it is, write it in the combox! [Read more…]

Kudos to Hannah O’Brien

…she’s the daughter of my Thursday Connecting the Dots co-host, Doug O’Brien and the star of this extremely cool video for Notre Dame: [Read more…]

I’ve wasted my entire life

Japanese artist uses KFC chicken bones to create a sculpture of King Ghidorah from Godzilla films [Read more…]

Brandon Vogt really wants you to read!

To find out more go here. I love this guy! [Read more…]

Fun Old Interview with the Brothers Chaps

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I can never again know happiness in this life

…without an inflatable Irish pub. [Read more…]