Tyrannosaurus Rex is coming to Seattle!

Burke Museum scientists have found skeletal remains and are shipping them here. My inner 12 year old thrills. [Read more…]

I Hail from the Age of Gee Whiz

Fond memories! [Read more…]

Our Long Wait is Finally Over

Now, at last, there is a Boba Fett Being Eaten by a Sarlacc Coffee Table. [Read more…]

My Birthday is just a few days away

…and I don’t think I can live a happy and fulfilled life without a Solar Pope Statue. It’s our Birthday, precious, and we wants it. [Read more…]

Crazy, Holy Love

Steve Greydanus on the beautiful story of a mad monk who built a Cathedral by hand. I *love* that the Catholic Church is the natural home of eccentrics and passionate oddballs in love with God. [Read more…]

The Energetic and Wonderful Brandon Vogt writes…

I’m sure you know that we live in a post-Christian culture that constantly attacks the beliefs of Christianity. And often these attacks are directed at the Bible itself. That’s why my friend Scott Sullivan created the How To Defend The Bible “Crash Course”. It’s a simple, step-by-step method that teaches you how to answer to [Read More…]

Dear The Internet: My Birthday is Exactly One Month from Today

I’m just sayin’. [Read more…]

Doxacon Seattle is Coming!

For the Orthodox Sci-Fi/Fantasy Nerd in Your Life (though I have it on good authority that nerds of all stripes and flavors are also welcome): My good and dear friends, don’t forget to purchase your tickets to Doxacon Seattle 2016 at http://ds2016.brownpapertickets.com/. We are going to have excellent speakers, a live band (The Pangalacticats), and [Read More…]

I love living in the 21st Century!

Super cool! God be praised for clever and generous people! [Read more…]

The Vatican Digital Library is Now Online

Let the squeeeeeees of excitement and joy commence! [Read more…]