How Wolves Change Rivers

The Creator appears to know what he’s doing: [Read more...]

Dear The Internet

I require this for my complete fulfillment and happiness as a human being.  Please attend to me needs, wants, and desires immediately.  Thank you! [Read more...]

Extremely cool!

What happens when you put a GoPro camera in a ball of water in space: [Read more...]

The Top 100 Star Trek episodes of all time

They are right about “Balance of Terror” as the best episode though.  And “Best of Both Worlds” is a fitting #2. And I also agree with “City at the Edge of Forever” as #3. [Read more...]

OK Go is an astonishing gift to the human race

Astounding, and all done in one take: [Read more...]

Ben at Two Catholic Men has some Mathematical Weirdness

…for you to play around with. I believe mathematics to be a form of witchcraft or magic of some kind. I do not understand it. Therefore I fear it and wish to lash out blindly and destroy it. All English majors are like this. [Read more...]

Air New Zealand Makes Coolest Safety Video Ever

[Read more...]

My Son Luke has been a busy bee

…animating (and narrating) these charming little Aesop’s Fables: The man has creativity and skills to burn. [Read more...]

Every Country Needs a Cool Mysterious Lake Monster

Here’s a story on Iceland’s, complete with some pretty convincing video that there’s something in that lake (snake? eel?  Nessie’s cousin?) [Read more...]

Dear The Internet

I can never really find happiness or complete fulfilment as a human being with a device that turns ice cubes into perfectly crystal clear ice balls through sheer brute force and pressure: Please drop everything and attend to my needs, wants and desires immediately, The Internet, and procure this vitally important Thing. Thank you. [Read more...]