Extremely Cool Marriage Proposal

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Extremely cool

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I’ve wasted my life

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Mike Flynn Goes in Psearch of the Psyche

…and returns with his customary haul of informative fun. [Read more...]

The great thing about civilization…

…is that it gives us enough leisure time to invent machines that help us occupy our leisure time: [Read more...]

This is just about as Meta as it gets

So I’m fond of impressionists, and particularly fond of Jim Meskimen, who you may remember from this Anyway, some time back I wrote him about something or other and wound up on him mailing list, which is fun because I get things like this from him: You may have seen the video that went viral [Read More...]

In America, decadent Westerners hail summer

In Russia, summer hail you! [Read more...]

While we are on the subject of my shallow materialistic needs, wants, and desires…

I also require this for my completion and total happiness.  You do *want* me to thrive and be happy, right?  Of course you do, The Internet! [Read more...]

Since So Many People are Fascinated with My Needs, Wants, and Desires

Here is another thing required for my health care needs: [Read more...]

I require this for my full flourishing as a human being as well

If you don’t want me to just dry up and die, you will pool your funds and give them to me so I can have the psycho-emotional sustenance I need in order to thrive. [Read more...]