More Church History video from Paul Cat!

The Iconoclast Controversy [Read more...]

Another Church History vid from Paul Cat!

Fall of Rome, Rise of Monks (which totally sounds like a video game title) [Read more...]

Paul Catalanotto has put together some nifty Church history vids

Here’s one on Arius and Nicaea: [Read more...]

Who Can Not Love This Guy?

[Read more...]

In a time of global fear and uncertainty…

…one man brought hope and joy to a troubled world–BY RECREATING FAWLTY TOWERS IN LEGOS! [Read more...]

Want to win a Douay-Rheims Haydock Catholic Bible?

Here’s your shot. [Read more...]

Did you know that C.S. Lewis reviewed “1984″?

Neither did I. [Read more...]

Drones Coming to Disney

Drones don’t *have* to be for killing and intruding on your privacy.  They can also be fun. [Read more...]

Aurora Borealis Might be Visible tonight!

Yo!  All you Northern Hemispherians!  If you’re not doing anything around midnight and after, you might step out and see the aurora borealis! [Read more...]

Brandon Vogt’s Five Year Old Son, Isaiah, is the cutest priest on planet earth

…be sure to stay for the outtakes. [Read more...]