Hank Green on all the terrifying things about space

I love the Vlog Brothers so much! [Read more…]

So this just happened in our back yard…

…as the full moon rose on this Midsummer Night: I love Seattle in the summer! [Read more…]

I love seeing the right people get rewarded

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Darth by Darthwest

Pure mashup awesomeness brought to you by video editing technology: Love the Bernard Herrmann score! [Read more…]

Peter Kreeft is Always Thoughtful and Interesting

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Mike Wallace Interviews Rod Serling in 1959

Pretty cool! [Read more…]

Tom McDonald on Latin…

…the Comeback Kid of languages. [Read more…]

New Device Lets you Filter Trump from your Internet

Nobel Prize time! [Read more…]

What is the point of living if I cannot possess one of these?

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This Seems to Explain a Lot

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