While we are on the subject of my shallow materialistic needs, wants, and desires…

I also require this for my completion and total happiness.  You do *want* me to thrive and be happy, right?  Of course you do, The Internet! [Read more...]

Since So Many People are Fascinated with My Needs, Wants, and Desires

Here is another thing required for my health care needs: [Read more...]

I require this for my full flourishing as a human being as well

If you don’t want me to just dry up and die, you will pool your funds and give them to me so I can have the psycho-emotional sustenance I need in order to thrive. [Read more...]

Dear The Internet

Since you showed me this awesome toy and made clear to me that my happiness and completion and fulfilment as a person depends on acquiring it, I feel that you owe it to me to supply me with one. The way I see it, this is exercise. Exercise is necessary for health. Therefore this is [Read More...]

Aeronautical Dentistry

The boy in me shouts approval!!!! [Read more...]

Good Cops Help Out Needy Family

More like these guys! Well done, officers! [Read more...]

Brennan Gleason puts resume on beer, lands job

No. Seriously. It was a home brew called “Resum-Ale“. That is six kinds of awesome. [Read more...]

The New St. Thomas Institute is in the Saddle

A reader writes You may remember the fiasco surrounding Fisher More College – the traditionalist catholic college in Ft Worth, TX which imploded – and one of its former professors who was the target of a fair amount of nutty criticism when he resigned after the sede vacantist contingent reared its ugly head. Dr. Taylor [Read More...]

Ross Douthat Moderates a Conversation between Peter Thiel and N.T. Wright

…and it is gripping stuff. Seriously. [Read more...]

Your Summer Reading Search is Over

William Shakespeare’s Star Wars William Shakespeare’s The Empire Striketh Back (William Shakespeare’s Star Wars Trilogy)  William Shakespeare’s The Jedi Doth Return   [Read more...]