Extremely cool!

What happens when you put a GoPro camera in a ball of water in space: [Read more...]

The Top 100 Star Trek episodes of all time

They are right about “Balance of Terror” as the best episode though.  And “Best of Both Worlds” is a fitting #2. And I also agree with “City at the Edge of Forever” as #3. [Read more...]

OK Go is an astonishing gift to the human race

Astounding, and all done in one take: [Read more...]

Ben at Two Catholic Men has some Mathematical Weirdness

…for you to play around with. I believe mathematics to be a form of witchcraft or magic of some kind. I do not understand it. Therefore I fear it and wish to lash out blindly and destroy it. All English majors are like this. [Read more...]

Air New Zealand Makes Coolest Safety Video Ever

[Read more...]

My Son Luke has been a busy bee

…animating (and narrating) these charming little Aesop’s Fables: The man has creativity and skills to burn. [Read more...]

Every Country Needs a Cool Mysterious Lake Monster

Here’s a story on Iceland’s, complete with some pretty convincing video that there’s something in that lake (snake? eel?  Nessie’s cousin?) [Read more...]

Dear The Internet

I can never really find happiness or complete fulfilment as a human being with a device that turns ice cubes into perfectly crystal clear ice balls through sheer brute force and pressure: Please drop everything and attend to my needs, wants and desires immediately, The Internet, and procure this vitally important Thing. Thank you. [Read more...]

SciPhi Journal is on the Air!

A reader writes: Hope all is well. There’s a new journal that your readers might find interesting, as it treats both science fiction and philosophy (and Christianity!) seriously, called the Sci Phi Journal. Its first issue is just out on Amazon and elsewhere. While not expressly Christian in outlook, it provides a place where stories [Read More...]

More Church History video from Paul Cat!

The Iconoclast Controversy [Read more...]