How to Go to Space

XKCD continues to be a gift to all mankind: [Read more…]

Why Are There So Many Catholics in Science Fiction?

Just a guess, but because the faith encourages you to think about moral challenges, philosophical ambiguities, other worlds, higher things, and generally outside the box? [Read more…]

I Can Never Again Know Happiness in This Life…

…without this: Dear The Internet: If you truly believe that Christmas is about the Spirit of Giving–and if  you do not want me to post the Star Wars Holiday Special–I am confident that you will respond to my threats pleas with alacrity. The Dark Side: Helping Black Friday be as Black as possible. [Read more…]

Genius Takes Many Forms

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I believe the Universe owes me one of these

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I never heard of this awesome engineering feat before

Extremely cool! And, of course, a testament to the failure of Euroweenie socialism. We Americans would do the same with with dedicated bands of libertarians working on Saturday mornings. Government should be small enough to drown in a bathtub. [Read more…]

Rain-Activated Street Art

is cool. [Read more…]

Very cool stair art

I wish I wasn’t an artistic klutz, but I still love what others can do. [Read more…]

Dear The Internet

I can never again know peace or happiness in life without this: Please supply my needs, wants, and desires immediately.  Thank you! [Read more…]

Oregon Couple Makes Awesome Halloween Costumes…

…for kids in wheelchairs. [Read more…]