I believe the Universe owes me one of these

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I never heard of this awesome engineering feat before

Extremely cool! And, of course, a testament to the failure of Euroweenie socialism. We Americans would do the same with with dedicated bands of libertarians working on Saturday mornings. Government should be small enough to drown in a bathtub. [Read more…]

Rain-Activated Street Art

is cool. [Read more…]

Very cool stair art

I wish I wasn’t an artistic klutz, but I still love what others can do. [Read more…]

Dear The Internet

I can never again know peace or happiness in life without this: Please supply my needs, wants, and desires immediately. ┬áThank you! [Read more…]

Oregon Couple Makes Awesome Halloween Costumes…

…for kids in wheelchairs. [Read more…]

Today’s Man Moment

A V-8 Engine Chainsaw from Monster Island powered entirely by testosterone: [Read more…]

The Horror of Blimps

A victim of a blimp-human encounter gone terribly, terribly awry tells his hilariously funny story. That said, I can nonetheless never again know happiness in this life if I do not possess these things: [Read more…]

Extremely Cool

Two years later, friends find the GoPro camera that shot the Grand Canyon from space. [Read more…]

One of Many Reasons I Love Being Catholic

…is that this is actually something the Magisterium pondered: “Since according to the Gospel teaching, a man must be born again of water and the Holy Ghost, those are not to be considered validly baptized who have been baptized with beer” -Pope Gregory IX in response to an actual query by the Archbishop of Trondhjem. [Read more…]