Peter Kreeft is Always Thoughtful and Interesting

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Mike Wallace Interviews Rod Serling in 1959

Pretty cool! [Read more…]

Tom McDonald on Latin…

…the Comeback Kid of languages. [Read more…]

New Device Lets you Filter Trump from your Internet

Nobel Prize time! [Read more…]

What is the point of living if I cannot possess one of these?

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This Seems to Explain a Lot

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How to Go to Space

XKCD continues to be a gift to all mankind: [Read more…]

Why Are There So Many Catholics in Science Fiction?

Just a guess, but because the faith encourages you to think about moral challenges, philosophical ambiguities, other worlds, higher things, and generally outside the box? [Read more…]

I Can Never Again Know Happiness in This Life…

…without this: Dear The Internet: If you truly believe that Christmas is about the Spirit of Giving–and if ¬†you do not want me to post the Star Wars Holiday Special–I am confident that you will respond to my threats pleas with alacrity. The Dark Side: Helping Black Friday be as Black as possible. [Read more…]

Genius Takes Many Forms

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