Did you know that C.S. Lewis reviewed “1984″?

Neither did I. [Read more...]

Drones Coming to Disney

Drones don’t *have* to be for killing and intruding on your privacy.  They can also be fun. [Read more...]

Aurora Borealis Might be Visible tonight!

Yo!  All you Northern Hemispherians!  If you’re not doing anything around midnight and after, you might step out and see the aurora borealis! [Read more...]

Brandon Vogt’s Five Year Old Son, Isaiah, is the cutest priest on planet earth

…be sure to stay for the outtakes. [Read more...]

The Two Shall Become One Flesh

Interesting insight from the sciences on how long-married couples supplement and augment each other’s memories, so that they “remember together”. It certainly does reflect my experience. [Read more...]

Extremely Kewl Science!

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Faith on the Ferry

My friend Joyce Crain is doing very cool stuff with Scripture study on the ferry between San Juan Island (in Puget Sound) and the mainland. Check it out! [Read more...]


Turn your roomba into a knife-wielding killing machine! [Read more...]

Oh goody! Mike Flynn has begun a new series of cool teaching!

Last year, it was his epic account of the Great Ptolemaic Smackdown, replete with juicy and fascinating sciencey stuff, history stuff, and theology stuff.  I keep hoping he will publish it as a book somewhere. And this year? Prompted by one too many Stupid Atheist Tricks from internet atheists who prefer worshipping the intellect to [Read More...]

Extremely Cool Marriage Proposal

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