One of Many Reasons I Love Being Catholic

…is that this is actually something the Magisterium pondered: “Since according to the Gospel teaching, a man must be born again of water and the Holy Ghost, those are not to be considered validly baptized who have been baptized with beer” -Pope Gregory IX in response to an actual query by the Archbishop of Trondhjem. [Read more…]

Acts of the Apostasy Brings You Up to Speed…

… on all the monsters of the Doctor Who universe so you can know what is going on. I’m a big fan of this endlessly inventive show, but I’ve completely missed the last season or so because of busyness. Don’t involve me in the Fourth vs. Tenth Doctor: Who’s More Awesome? controversy. Besides, it was [Read More…]

Didn’t Know the Relics of St. Peter Could be Seen

I missed this when it first ran. I wonder if the relics are still on display? They should let them do a scan of the skull and see if a forensics guy could reconstruct what Peter looked like. [Read more…]

Philly inmates create carved chair for papal visit

Very nice craftsmanship.  And fitting, particularly for this pope. [Read more…]

Logos Bible Software is Having a Big Summer Giveaway

They’re currently giving away a Verbum Scholar library as part of their big Summer Sale promotion. Here’s the link to the sale: Here’s the direct link to the giveaway: Tweet: FB post: When they ask for a coupon code, use “MARK15”. [Read more…]

Chuck Jones, Creative Genius

The Experience Music Project here in my Home Town has an exhibit on the art of Chuck Jones, the Mastermind of Termite Terrace who gave the world the great gift of Warner Brothers cartoons featuring Bug Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, Porky Pig and a host of other characters and antics. It lasts till mid-January. [Read More…]

Extremely Cool Cymatics Vid

[Read more…]

Dinosaurs! with Basil Rathbone as Professor Challenger

What a joyous find! I owned this record when I was a little kid. I haven’t heard it in 45 years and now, voila!, some wonderful human being digitizes it so that I can hear it again. I am tickled pink. [Read more…]

I feel a strange compulsion to do this

[Read more…]

That Catholic Gamer Dude…

…is on the air with reviews and commentary! F’rinstance: He has that C.P.G Grey vibe. [Read more…]