Bill Watterson Remaineth…

Da Man. Among other things, he demonstrates there are ways to make a living that do not have to entail slavery. [Read more...]

I got to hang with Karlo Broussard recently…

when we went to Wenatchee at the beginning of the month. He’s a great guy, a good old Cajun boy who used to play good old Cajun music on the accordion. (He showed me a cool video of his wedding reception with him ripping it up on on the accordion accompanied by then-tiny-teen 11 year [Read More...]

Peter Kreeft’s Recommended Philosophy Books

If you are philosophically unedjimacated like me, this list, courtesy of the indefatigable Brandon Vogt, is worth its weight in gold. [Read more...]

Want to Come to Rome?

Come to Rome withMark “Catholic and Enjoying It!” SheaandFr. Shane “Catholic Ragemonkey” Tharp!Click on the pic for more information!  [Read more...]

Hank Green is a Bottomless Fund of Cool Funnitude

[Read more...]

Dawn Eden Gets Featured in NY Times Magazine

Read all about it here. You go girl! [Read more...]

Something to Warm the Heart of Any Catholic Tech Geek

Good morning.   My name is Allison Gingras – I am a Catholic author, speaker and bi-weekly contributor to TechTalk on In 2009, I launched a ministry called Reconciled To You – the primary work is to encourage Catholics, those who are active, those who have drifted away, and those who are not sure where [Read More...]

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea!

Pretty cool! There is happening, right now, a voyage of exploration to a place we know less about than the surface of Mars: The floor of the ocean. And you can watch it from your computer live. I love living in the 21st century. [Read more...]

It is immensely gratifying to me that the human race has produced The Four Squeezins

The sheer gratuitous divine grace behind the creation of these two men is somehow evidence of the love of God to me. [Read more...]

I love magicians. Always have.

[Read more...]

Brad Birzer Verily Doth Rock

Here he is, being awesome: Western man stood on the field, watching the Horsemen and their hordes advance. Did they really have to choose? And, if so, what to choose? Things that made him comfortable; or things that made him human? The enemy offered death and destruction, but western man no longer understood what he [Read More...]

Props to Bush 41

President George H. W. Bush shaved his head this week in solidarity with Patrick, a young boy who has leukemia. Patrick’s dad served on President Bush’s Secret Service detail. [Read more...]