Verbum Bible Software is simply the most powerful tool on the planet

…for doing Scripture study. Nothing even comes close. I use it pretty much every day. The company that makes it is right up the road from where I live, in Bellingham, WA. They put together this nifty video that I like for two reasons. First, it showcases what Verbum can do. Second, they used St. [Read More…]

The Bishop of the Moon!

Today in sheer ecclesiastical awesomeness news: “[Archbishop William Borders] was ordained bishop in 1968 and made the first Bishop of Orlando, Florida. The new diocese encompassed central Florida and included Cape Canaveral, from where, the following year, Apollo 11 launched, bound for the moon. After that historic launch and lunar landing, with all the images [Read More…]

Hunting Humans for Sport With Drones…

…is the latest addition to my bucket list: [Read more…]

CPG Grey on Thought Germification

The guy is always fun. It’s tempting to salute him by comparing him to Hitler in all caps, but I will show awesome restraint instead. [Read more…]

Dear The Internet: I can never again know happiness in this life…

…without a wi-fi detecting Sting Hobbit Sword. Please supply me with one of these immediately. Without happiness I cannot be healthy. Therefore, this is health care and a basic human right. [Read more…]

Young Dad Transforms How Kids Learn About Saints

Reader Dominic de Souza writes: ​​I have published a website to transform the way we learn about the saints: a social network through which the saints come to life online. Catechists and parents struggle to teach children about the lives of the saints in a manner relevant to modern technology. is the first website to aggregate [Read More…]

Echoes of Eden

Sometimes our God-intended rapport with the beasts is still visible: [Read more…]

Tesla Seems to be Doing Good Work

[Read more…]

Chickenosaurus is coming!

[Read more…]

Fr. Roderick Vonhögen isn’t merely an adorable geek

Though it may seem he is: …and though HuffPo, Buzzfeed, Breitbart, WaPo and 25,000 other folk may think so, the truth is, the man has hidden depths. F’rinstance, he writes to point me to this vital video of Fr. Christophe Mary Rebbacai, Pizza Maker of the Immaculate: I love being Catholic! [Read more…]