The New St. Thomas Institute is in the Saddle

A reader writes You may remember the fiasco surrounding Fisher More College – the traditionalist catholic college in Ft Worth, TX which imploded – and one of its former professors who was the target of a fair amount of nutty criticism when he resigned after the sede vacantist contingent reared its ugly head. Dr. Taylor [Read More...]

Ross Douthat Moderates a Conversation between Peter Thiel and N.T. Wright

…and it is gripping stuff. Seriously. [Read more...]

Your Summer Reading Search is Over

William Shakespeare’s Star Wars William Shakespeare’s The Empire Striketh Back (William Shakespeare’s Star Wars Trilogy)  William Shakespeare’s The Jedi Doth Return   [Read more...]

Four Videos…

you need to see this summer. [Read more...]

Catholic Writers Conference LIVE in Schaumburg, IL

This is cool: Several prominent Catholic writers will speak at the sixth annual Catholic Writers’ Conference LIVE taking place July 30-August 1, 2014, at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center and Hotel in Schaumburg, IL. Sponsored by the Catholic Writer’s Guild and the Catholic Marketing Network (CMN), and held in conjunction with CMN’s annual retailer trade [Read More...]

Vernacular Masses Before the Vatican Council…

…I mean the First Vatican Council. Over on Facebook, somebody was going on about the sadness of not having all the liturgies in the world in a single language. Several people pointed out that the Mass has never been in a single language and that those who celebrate it in Slavonic or any of the [Read More...]

Wanna Know What it Looks Like to Be Struck by Lightning?

[Read more...]

Msgr. Pope on my pal Marcus Daly

who makes coffins. Love the guy! [Read more...]

A gloriously inspiring story from Russia

A pair of Russian hunters out in the bush (or their equivalent thereof!) promised they’d get baptised if they got out of their situation alive. What happened next is straight out of medieval mythology. [Read more...]

Extremely Cool

I just hope that Tesla used his Time Travel device to visit 2014 and see this. [Read more...]