Two Days Till the March for Life!

Arouse the media from their ideology-induced slumber! [Read more...]

Good to see

Upcoming Movie Challenges Pro-Abortion Narrative on Pregnancy Centers [Read more...]

Well done, Coca Cola!

Fitting for the Feast of Holy Innocents. [Read more...]

Two good pro-life articles

here and here. [Read more...]

New Prolife Initiative!

A reader writes: I wanted to let you know about a new pro-life project I hope you can get excited about. 50 Million Names is an online registry of names for the aborted unborn. This is a grassroots (i.e. low budget!) effort to create a legacy of love for these children. Each name will be [Read More...]

Some Happy Prolife News…

…for your Wednesday. [Read more...]

Hey Western Washington! Come to the “Life is Sacred” Conference at St. Mary Magdalen in Everett

Not only will the awesome Dr. Tom Curran be there, I’ll be there too! Best of all, Archbishop Sartain will be celebrating Mass at 9 AM! Here’s the nifty flyer with the registration! [Read more...]

Hey Western Washington! Mark Your Calendars!

…for the Prolife Conference to be held at St. Mary Magdalen parish on October 19 from 9 AM to 4:30 PM, featuring my pal Dr. Tom Curran. [Read more...]

Fast. Pray. Peace.

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Hey DC and Parts Surrounding!

Embracing Equality, Respecting Life: A Celebration of Hope Washington, D.C. — In the wake of El Salvador’s just and life-affirming decision regarding the difficult pregnancy of “Beatriz” — a decision respecting and honoring the lives and needs of both the mother and the child — Live Action will host a midday vigil celebrating true equality of rights [Read More...]

Hey Ireland!

Senator Ronan Mullen writes: I hope this finds you well. I am writing to you about the National Vigil for Life, which takes place on Saturday 8th June in Merrion Square, Dublin, from 3 to 4 p.m. The Government is proposing legislation on abortion which is dramatic in its scope and utterly unjust. It is [Read More...]

One of the Weirder Aspects of the Abortion Debate in America

…is that it’s the pro-aborts who resort to all sorts of preposterous mystical claptrap to support their position while it is the prolifers who just point to the science. Prolifers say obvious things like “Dude. Does it have 46 human chromosomes (47 if we are talking humans with Down’s Syndrome)? Is it performing functions like [Read More...]