Abortion: From Controversy to Civility

Stephanie Gray gave this talk at Google headquarters and it was a hit: [Read more…]

A reader from Across the Pond…

…writes an impassioned pro-life plea to his fellow Brits. Plus, he calls himself “Ronan the Contrarian” so I automatically like him. [Read more…]

Catholics Pharmacists are Threatened in the UK

…and need to have their rights of conscience protected. It will soon be so here. [Read more…]

Pro-Life, Pro-Truth

Alexi Sargeant (Leah Libresco-Sargeant’s husband) writes a great piece on the need for the pro-life to remember how the stakes of the abortion fight create a *greater* obligation to be truthful and honorable (and avoid citing false facts). “We must treat truth, like an unborn child, as an innocent under threat. If we persist in [Read More…]

Maria Steen Battles for Life

in Ireland. [Read more…]

Little Boy Born without 98% of His Brain

Can now speak, count, and attend school. It’s not the first time this has happened. A French civil servant lived an entirely normal life–speaking French even–with virtually no brain. Another guy who was missing most of his brain had an IQ of 126. Mike Flynn has a typically interesting take on the question of how [Read More…]

Everybody Needs a Whovian Prolife Sign

Moses Fisher brings the nerdalicious prolife Dr. Who quote vibe to the March! [Read more…]

Sherry Antonetti on the March ….

for Living. [Read more…]

House Passes HR7

which would basically turn the Hyde Amendment into law: Like the Hyde Amendment, HR7 would bar federal dollars from being used to pay for abortions or health care plans that cover them. The legislation also would prohibit abortions from being performed in federal facilities or by physicians in the employ of the federal government. It [Read More…]

Protect All Human Life from Conception to Natural Death

The March for Life is happening in Olympia, Washington right now. Go team! [Read more…]