Here’s my Interview with Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa

…the formidable founder and president of New Wave Feminists on their ridiculous mistreatment at the hands of the organizers of the March for Some Correct Women on Washington: [Read more…]

Children with Down Syndrome Enact Nativity Story

Just beautiful! [Read more…]

Students for Life Has One of those Cool Matching Gift Thingies

Where you get more bang for the buck, more rubble for the ruble: I have some great news to share with you! Two supporters called me yesterday evening and told me that they are sending Students for Life a generous matching grant, which means that every donation we receive between now and midnight tomorrow will [Read More…]

Please Help Students for Life America Continue its Work!

Today is the big day: #GivingTuesday, a worldwide day of charitable giving. And I need your help, big time. Students for Life has been awarded a generous matching grant from a long-time supporter, which means that every donation we receive today will be DOUBLED up to $75,000! Here are the only two rules: 1) You [Read More…]

Pregnant Mothers Demonstrate on Behalf of the Unborn in Chile

And that is how we do that!  This, not whoring after earthly power, is how the gospel progresses. [Read more…]

The future of the prolife movement will focus on reducing demand

…and not the fantasy of overturning Roe: [Read more…]

Booyah and bravo to the Texas bishops…

…for challenging the horse hockey of Catholics for a Free Choice. [Read more…]

Why Progressives Should Oppose Abortion

Interesting piece at CNN: Progressives believe that society must continually extend its embrace to all persons, no matter who they are. And make no mistake, the child in the womb is indeed a human. This isn’t a religious or metaphysical claim, but a scientific assertion that is verifiable at the moment of conception. The child [Read More…]

Prudence is the knack for seeing what it so

Matthew Tyson, who is prolife, has that knack: The biggest myth sold to the pro-life movement is that Republican presidents appointing Conservative justices are crucial in the fight against abortion. And yet, both Roe vs. Wade AND Planned Parenthood vs. Casey were decided with a conservative majority. Not only that, but over the last 45 [Read More…]

Hey Washington, Idaho, and Oregon! Come to the Healing the Culture Banquet!

The Amazing Camille Pauley writes: Healing the Culture is pleased to invite you to the Stand Up for Life Gala Dinner at the Historic Davenport Hotel in Spokane on August 10! We will be featuring exciting and uplifting talks by Camille Pauley, Rich and Julie Thrasher, and Al and Charlotte Oliva; the presentation of our [Read More…]