Hey West Coast!

Papal Nuncio to Join Walk for Life West Coast! Organizers delighted with presence of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò at January 26 event January 2, 2013 – The Walk for Life West Coast is honored to announce that Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the Holy Father’s Ambassador to the United States, will be attending the 9th Annual [Read More...]

A favor to ask my readers

Sometimes the ad feed runs inappropriate stuff. Somebody mentioned in my combox this AM that there was some sort of pro-abort ad running on my page. I don’t see my page much as I am typically writing you from deep within the bowels of the posting software, where there are only mice, abandoned crocodiles, and [Read More...]

Rand Paul

…wants to pass a Life at Conception Act to “end abortion on demand once and for all.” Senator Paul, R-KY, recently recorded a message for the National Pro-Life Alliance (NPLA), talking about the legislation, which would declare unborn babies legal persons from the moment of conception and give them Constitutional protections. The senator says Congress [Read More...]

Hooray for Ronan Mullen!

Fighting the good fight in the Irish Senate!  I had the honor of meeting him in Dublin back in 2007.  He writes: I hope this finds you well. I would like to draw your attention to a very disturbing report by Gemma O’Doherty in today’s Irish Independent. It concerns the behaviour of certain pro-choice counselling [Read More...]

Lovely to see saints being honored as they should be

Some bittersweet news from the People’s Republic of Maplegrad: Pro-life heroines Linda Gibbons and Mary Wagner received medals from the Governor General of Canada this week in recognition of their “contribution to Canada”. The activists are internationally renowned for having been arrested and jailed numerous times for violating abortion clinic ‘bubble zones,’ while peacefully seeking [Read More...]

Healing the Culture’s Awesome Principles and Choices Curriculum…

…is going like hotcakes–and for good reason. Get the best prolife (and intro to the western philosophical tradition in the world) for high schoolers ASAP. Do it by November 1 and get free shipping on orders over $50 in the US. It is a superb piece of work by some of the sharpest minds and [Read More...]

Fascinating Article from an Old School Lefty

…who opposes abortion.  He captures nicely the bizarre way in which the Left, on this one obsessive point, completely opposes itself in the most tortured way: Listening to fellow pundits on the left react with rage and disbelief to the support by the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, for halving the abortion time limit to 12 [Read More...]

Hear! Hear!

Over at Front Porch Republic (which you really should bookmark) Patrick Deneen leaves DC and, more important, is learning to ignore DC and pay attention to the actual place he lives. If you want to get the hang of it, think of Faramir resisting the lure of the One Ring: We forget that Augustine went [Read More...]

Good but confusing news on the Stem Cell Front

A reader writes: As was announced yesterday, two scientists have won the Nobel Prize for their work in reversing matured cells from their differentiated state to an embryonic-like state, creating what are known as “induced pluripotent stem cells.” 100% ethical! A recap is here: Also, unlike embryonic stem cells which have still never cured any [Read More...]

Healing the Culture Releases a Fantastic High School Curriculum

I had a small hand in helping to put this together, so I can say from firsthand experience that these guys have put together a first-rate piece of work that will enable your student to really internalize the logic of the Catholics (and western) tradition concerning the sanctity of human life.  Phone the neighbors and [Read More...]