Your Chance to Do Battle with Moloch Today

A reader writes: Somebody on is rallying the troops behind overwriting the Hyde Amendment so that poor women on Medicaid can more easily be pressured to abort their children. Figured you could rally some troops in opposition to this proposal to worship Moloch more efficaciously with our tax dollars. Call your Congresscritter today and [Read More…]

Help Replace a Murder Inc. Chop Shop with an Actual Women’s Clinic

This looks like a worthy goal: A reader writes: As more videos are released about Planned Parenthood and America begins to see the truth, we now more than ever need to ensure women have access to quality care and compassionate alternatives to abortion. Our goal through this GoFundMe campaign is to raise $25,000 to go [Read More…]

I’mma go to the Seattle/Everett One If I Can Commandeer the Car

Protest at San Francisco Planned Parenthood Facility on August 22 warns: “PP Sells Baby Parts”   San Francisco, CA, August 19, 2015 — In light of recent revelations that Planned Parenthood has been harvesting and selling aborted baby parts, Walk for Life West Coast and 40 Days for Life – San Francisco is calling for [Read More…]

Prolife Folk! Mark Your Calendars!

A reader writes: Hi Brothers and Sisters in Christ I am asking you in the wake of the horrific videos exposing planned parent hood are you mad? Are you wanting to do something about it? Well you have your chance sorry it is such short notice I am asking people to consider even if you [Read More…]

Confessions of a Reformed Baby Saver

How Destiny Herndon De la Rosa went from a baby saver to an advocate for women–thus saving both. A fine and powerful piece. [Read more…]

The Sons of Thunder Podcast is on the air….

…with Students for Life of Illinois! [Read more…]

An Open Letter from Mary Wagner

…one of the staunchest prolife activists in the People’s Republic of Canuckistan. For background on Mary, here is some stuff: An excellent & comprehensive piece in CWR: Poland has issued a stamp with her image! More, from Poland.  Also, information on her last sentence. [Read more…]

Good to See a Consistent Prolife Ethic

It is one of the weird ironies of our culture that, when it comes to the death penalty, so many “prolife” Americans will drop their quarrel with AG Loretta Lynch (who loves death in all its forms, especially abortion) and cheer for her stumping on behalf of killing the Boston Bomber: “We know all too [Read More…]

Terri Schiavo and the Weapons of our Warfare

Some thoughts occasioned by the tenth anniversary of the death of Terri Schiavo. [Read more…]

Hey Washington State! Protect Our Daughters!

Go here to help. [Read more…]