I trust the Secret Service will take an interest in this evil race baiter…

…and his threats against the life of the President of the United States of America: [Read more…]

State Trooper Gets Six Months for Raping Car Accident Victim

I am not making this up: ‘McHenry will also be permitted to serve his sentence “in increments at his own discretion,” WSFA reported. The 182 days must be served within the next year.’ You have to admit that car accident victims really have it coming though. Foul temptresses! [Read more…]


[Read more…]

Holder Should be Tried for This

Unbelievable: The Justice Department is claiming, in a little-noticed court filing, that a federal agent had the right to impersonate a young woman online by creating a Facebook page in her name without her knowledge. Government lawyers also are defending the agent’s right to scour the woman’s seized cellphone and to post photographs — including [Read More…]

Du Pont Heir Spared Jail…

…for raping 3 year old daughter. Seems the judge decided the poor baby would not “fare well” in Level 5 detention. Happily, poor people *thrive* there, so there are still lots of candidates to be sent there. Favorite quote: “O’Neil added the sentence “raised questions” about the treatment of wealthy people wealth by the justice [Read More…]

One Nation, Under Mammon…

…with libertinism for the rich and draconian punishment for the weak. [Read more…]

Took a Little Time, But Justice has been Done

Martin Bashir, who seriously used his platform to shriek that somebody should “shit and piss” in Sarah Palin’s mouth and eyes has finally been axed from his gig. One cheer to MSNBC for doing the right thing, two cheers withheld for being gutless cowards and not terminating him with extreme prejudice ten seconds after he [Read More…]

From our “Crime and Punishment in the Burgeoning Police State” Files

Here are three incredible stories: First, a judge gets something like a just sentence for being a living demonstration of some of the evils of unrestrained capitalism and blind faith in “market forces” as the sole guide to life. Seems the good judge sentenced 4000 kids (some as young as 10) to prison so that [Read More…]

With Liberty and Justice for Some

For the very first time, a prosecutor will go to jail for wrongfully convicting an innocent man. The very first time. He lied about evidence in order to lock away an innocent man for 25 years. So what does a member of the Ruling Class get for trying to rob a man of 25 years [Read More…]

Nice to See Some Justice at Last

This crazy and vicious woman has made my nephew’s life hell for four long years: She needs to be put away for a good long time. And if she so much as thinks about contacting him again, she needs to be put away twice as long next time. [Read more…]