Civil Forfeiture: Theft by any other name

John Oliver continues his NSFW mission of educating a nation sliding into banana republicanism: [Read more…]

Michael Flynn resigns

Not the science fiction writer. He’s great. The highly blackmailable functionary of the worst con man and crook to ever disgrace the White House. Next, let’s get rid of the Boss he fell on his sword to protect. PS. Never forget that the exposure of these crooks and liars is due to the great gift [Read More…]

After attempting to get away with murder

House GOP Reverses Course on gutting Office of Congressional Ethics It was the thought that counted.  We see that you wanted to cut the phone lines and security cameras so we couldn’t see what you were doing.  It’s just that we noticed you and you couldn’t get away with it. Meanwhile, Kellyanne Conway reliably defends [Read More…]

The Certainly-Not-Fake-Named Reynaldo Pedregon writes:

Dear Potential Partner, We are facilitating for a private investor who is facing crises in his country. He urgently wants to relocate and invest his funds in a long-term business venture in your country/company under your supervision. The amount available for the investment is 35m euros( Thirty Five Million Euros). My Client is willing to [Read More…]

An Extremely Real and Not At All Fake Person Writes:

Good day my dear how are you doing,please my name is Mr Rowland Robinson I from United State of American and I,m working as a bank manager in Egypt and I discover about $ 5, million us dollars in the bank, please my dear I don’t have any other option than to contact you,please my [Read More…]

That site about the “earth-shaking” NASA Announcement is a Phishing site

I’ve taken down the link. Don’t go there. And warn your friends. My apologies for being a sucker. [Read more…]