This is a test…

…of the Prudential Thinking Network. Today’s subject: the Genetic Fallacy. The Genetic Fallacy occurs whenever you say something like “That can’t/must be true because the people reporting it are Not of My Tribe/Wise Tribal Elders, or The Wrong/Right Sort.” Do you suffer from a Genetic Fallacy Disorder? Here’s a test. When you read: Hostess To [Read More…]

Can’t Remember if I Pointed to This

But it’s pretty good: Five Things Catholics Should Learn from This Election Season More prudent thinking is good. [Read more…]

Party of Personal Responsibility Leader…

…blames looters, moochers, and takers for his failure to win against “worst President in history”. The GOP leadership seems to be digging in on this narrative as it plunges deeper into the bubble of unreality it has created for itself. Romney, being an adult Mormon, is already deeply used to accepting unreality at a profound [Read More…]

Jindal: End Dumbed-Down Conservatism

Looks like another Catholic is poking his head out of the Bubble and trying to get conservatives to break with the Dumb. Good. Of course, the question is whether he really willing to embrace the Church’s teaching where it is unpopular with the base. But it’s still a very promsing sign that a conservatism that [Read More…]

Ross Douthat also continues

to address reality. The only thing I would add is that as the Church, we should welcome the stranger, not in order to get his vote, but because we should. [Read more…]

Prudence Means Addressing Reality, Not What We Wish is Reality

Rod Dreher and Conor Friedersdorf are attempting this.  The question to ask yourself is, when you hear those names, do you ask yourself, “Is what they are saying true?” or “Why should I listen to them because they are ritually impure sources of information?”  If the latter, I would suggest it is important to listen [Read More…]

The ever sensible Ross Douthat

urges conservatives to treat with reality.  Treating with reality is also known as the virtue of prudence and is the first cardinal virtue.  Our Tradition instructs us to cultivate prudence. [Read more…]