Heartbreaking and Beautiful

Eternal memory! [Read more...]

Boy! Those Abortion Clinic Terrorists are Awful!

Here’s an artfully constructed headline: Woman Outside Planned Parenthood Says Flaming Object Was Thrown at Her To the casual reader, it could well be read as an attack by some crazy on Planned Parenthood. In fact, it was a molotov cocktail thrown at a peaceful 40 Days for Life person who was minding her own [Read More...]

Israel is a secular western European State like any other

…and because of that, don’t be surprised by headlines like this: Israel’s health ministry is investigating claims that Ethiopian immigrants have unwittingly had Depo-Provera jabs for years This is how secular western European states deal with culling the herd.  Don’t kid yourself that this secular state is any different. I particularly enjoy that the Minister [Read More...]

Reader John Herried writes …

Welp, we’re likely to be treated to the annual round of defenses of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Interesting factoid I found out last year when reading Russell Shaw’s book American Church was that the leading American theologian condemning the bombings was also influential in defending the Church’s position on artificial birth control. An [Read More...]

Euthanasia Doctor Offers “Inspiring” Tour of Death Camps

Conventional history tells us Hitler was driven out of the Low Countries.  Don’t you believe it. [Read more...]

NPR has that urban civilized vibe…

…that is perfect for marketing horrible ideas as though you are a backward swamp-dwelling ape if you disagree: Case in point, an urbane, civilized apologia for how suicide can really strengthen families. Another bulletin from the Land Where Consent is the Sole Criterion of the Good. [Read more...]

VA Requires a Man to Get a Vasectomy

…as part of a plea deal.  Amanda Marcotte, proving that a stopped clock is right twice a day, offers a protest that any Catholic would agree with. [Read more...]

The purpose of a penitentiary…

…used to be, as the name says, penance.  That’s when we had something of a Christian view of the human person.  Now, in our new, improved culture, our badly broken prison system is simply a place of mindless cruelty. That is, when it is not part of a monstrously evil scheme for jailing kids for [Read More...]

Once again, I wonder who won WWII

I have this dim memory that murdering people and incinerating them in ovens was something the Bad Guys did in WWII.  But that’s probably just my bad memory because now I’m hearing that when we Good Guys do it it’s just being Green and promoting recycling and sustainability in Britain. Monstrous.  It is a wonder [Read More...]

Nancy Pelosi, This Year’s Winner of the Award for Eugenics!

…aka, the Margaret Sanger Award, come on down! Who wouldn’t be thrilled to be given an award named for a person who spent years warning against the growth of “human weeds,”353 speaking to Ku Klux Klan rallies, opining that the “aboriginal Australian” was “the lowest known species of the human family, just a step higher [Read More...]