Professional Pro-Aborts are Incredibly Creepy

The baby hatred of that subculture seeps out in weird and disturbing ways, such as obsessing over the fact that people feel pity for the children killed on the lost Malaysian flight.  Most of us call sorrow for the suffering of innocent children “normal”.  But professional pro-aborts are radically abnormal. [Read more...]

LA Times is Reliably on Board…

…with helping children kill themselves. There are days I have to remind myself that the reason you love your neighbor is because Christ died for them, not because they deserve it.  Mercy is for evil people, not well-meaning people. [Read more...]

Good Thing We Won World War II

…cuz otherwise bad guys would be murdering children and not us good guys. [Read more...]

The State of Israel’s Ministry of Health

…would like to remind you that the State of Israel is just one more secular European nation-state that does not care two figs for the law of God, so please stop imagining it is the fulfillment of prophecy or God’s Chosen Nation-State.  That’s just smoke and mirrors to keep American Evangelicals with nutty End Times [Read More...]

Montana Judges Cites Dumb Precedent for Stupid Decision

striking down parental right to have a say in a minor’s abortion. American jurisprudence on abortion is insane. [Read more...]

Andrew Cuomo’s Dream Realized

More black children aborted than born in New York. [Read more...]

Pro-Abort Women Acting KKKlassy!

People saying the Rosary at the Cathedral in Buenos Aires are spray-painted with swastikas by topless pro-abort understudies for Ilse Koch, demonstrating the sort of grace and style that only the culture of death can really pull off. Congratulations, ladies. You are the Face of the Child Slaughter movement. God bless those people praying and [Read More...]

Abortion Supporters are People of the Lie

They have to distort and pervert language–have to–in order to maintain the lie they are living. Exhibit A: Wendy Davis, who recently filibustered for abortion in Texas. I am pro-life. I care about the life of every child: every child that goes to bed hungry, every child that goes to bed without a proper education, [Read More...]

Court Upholds “If We Are Going to Slaughter Children, Let’s at Least Have Neat Aesthetics About It” Law in Texas

Ashley McGuire of the Catholic Association comments: Yesterday the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a lower court’s decision to block a key provision of the Texas bill protecting women and babies. The Court’s restoration of the requirement that doctors performing abortions have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital is basic common sense, especially in [Read More...]

California: Pioneering the Way to Getting Rid of “Safe”…

…from the old “safe, legal, and rare” dodge for excusing abortion they used to toss around during the Clinton years. Jerry Brown (another triumph of Jesuit education) signs into law a bill permitting non-physician abortions. Because as Kermit Gosnell demonstrated, what the abortion industry really needs is to add to the already unregulated butchery industry [Read More...]