Abortion Supporters are People of the Lie

They have to distort and pervert language–have to–in order to maintain the lie they are living. Exhibit A: Wendy Davis, who recently filibustered for abortion in Texas. I am pro-life. I care about the life of every child: every child that goes to bed hungry, every child that goes to bed without a proper education, [Read More...]

Court Upholds “If We Are Going to Slaughter Children, Let’s at Least Have Neat Aesthetics About It” Law in Texas

Ashley McGuire of the Catholic Association comments: Yesterday the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a lower court’s decision to block a key provision of the Texas bill protecting women and babies. The Court’s restoration of the requirement that doctors performing abortions have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital is basic common sense, especially in [Read More...]

California: Pioneering the Way to Getting Rid of “Safe”…

…from the old “safe, legal, and rare” dodge for excusing abortion they used to toss around during the Clinton years. Jerry Brown (another triumph of Jesuit education) signs into law a bill permitting non-physician abortions. Because as Kermit Gosnell demonstrated, what the abortion industry really needs is to add to the already unregulated butchery industry [Read More...]

Postmodernity Often Mistakes Benefiting from Science for Knowing Something about It

Result: people who sign petitions to ban dihydrogen monoxide and expand abortion rights to the fourth trimester. It’s what comes of worshipping instead of using the intellect. [Read more...]

WaPo: “Keep Our Charnel Houses Filthy!”

George Weigel on the abortion establishment’s struggle to exempt itself from the cleanliness standards of a 7-11 restroom. Cuz they, you know, care about women ‘n stuff. [Read more...]

Melissa Harris-Perry sez…

…newborn babies don’t count as persons unless their parents say they do. She is, of course, right because she is the chick with the tampon earrings. Only a fool can argue with that kind of rigorous logic. [Read more...]

Attention Contraception Zealots of Generation Narcissus!

You are now entering the second phase of history. First phase: Artificial Contraception! What could it hurt? Second Phase: Delaying retirement for years and years since the pool of workers to support the social safety net is shrinking even as the pool of Generation Narcissus dependents on the social safety net is growing. And when [Read More...]

What Better Way to Say “I Love You”…

…than with the gift of cold-blooded murder? That is the message of Nazi euthanasia propaganda film, “I Accuse” (in which a loving husband bumps off his wife when she gets to be too much of a hassle to care for). It’s also the message of “Amour” which has been nominated for an Oscar by the [Read More...]

Barb Nicolosi Does the Autopsy…

…on the latest piece of euthanasia agitprop that is bravely facing the enthusiastic applause of the Manufacturers of the Culture of Death at the Oscars. [Read more...]

ACLU Praises Crushing of Free Speech

Somebody took it upon themselves to offer “Choose Life” plates in North Carolina.  The law was duly passed and the plates offered.  So some judge stepped in to smash free speech because nobody had done the same thing for pro-aborts. Hey, look if child-murder zealots want to have equal time with a “Choose Death” license [Read More...]

Florida Eliminates “Useless Eater”

…(as such human beings in the image and likeness of God were called under a notable historical regime some years back).  A reader writes: I’ve been following your posts on human life issues, and as a fellow pro-life Catholic myself, I am very concerned, as you are, about the myriad of anti-life trends in our [Read More...]

The Invaluable Marc Barnes…

on Catholics for a Free Choice and their dumb attempts to do with Catholic Faith what Dr. Leo Spaceman does with science: News flash: The Catholic Faith is not whatever we want it to be. It is itself and those like Catholics for Free Choice who attempt to pervert it will one day either repent [Read More...]