Steve Bannon, Trump’s Fascination with the Alt-Right

…and the ongoing corruption of the anti-abortion-but-not-prolife Right. Trump recently hired Steve Bannon to direct his campaign when Paul Manafort flamed out amid accusations he had unhealthy ties to foreign influence. Who is Bannon?  No.  Not Jonny Quest’s cool jet pilot action hero chum.  That would be Race Bannon. Though, speaking of race, Steve Bannon [Read More…]

David French at National Review Does Battle with Dark Enlightenment Racists

…and their special friend, Ann Coulter. Sane and decent Conservatives in the GOP and its organs of propaganda have a job ahead of them getting this racist monster herded back into its lair and a rolling a boulder across the mouth of the cave so that it can’t get back out. I wish them God’s [Read More…]

So apparently “cuckservative” is the new smear

…that crazy racist conservatives use to describe sane conservatives who are not racist enough. [Read more…]

What the Dark Enlightenment Stands For

Nicely illustrated as the Reactionaries and post-Christian racialists let down their hair and talk freely among themselves “Go to any Catholic Church and they are always collecting for some jungle bunny in bongo bongo land. It’s become an anti-white religion. “Catholic” schools are full of darkies. The Church has completely abandoned the core that made [Read More…]

A reader passes on a couple of pieces about the Dark Enlightenment Racialists

Mouthbreathing Machiavellis Dream Of A Silicon Reich …and a little follow up by the same guy: Give Dictatorship A Chance? She writes: I think your past concerned postings about this lunatic group are vindicated even though most readers (myself included) dismiss them as educated lunatics. However, they do seem to have some influence on billionaires [Read More…]

Caravaggio was a murderer and Ezra Pound was a fascist

They also happened to create great art. When weighing art as art, I think the moral life and political views of the artist are entirely irrelevant as a general rule. You judge the work, not the one making the work. That’s why I empathized recently with John C. Wright on the tedious politicization of the [Read More…]

As Christianity Fades in Europe…

…people don’t believe in nothing, but in anything. One popular alternative for people of a conservative bent who no longer care about God is blood and soil racism and worship of the ethnos. People who like the trappings of Christianity loot it for the bits and pieces that are useful to their idolatry of blood. [Read More…]

Curmudgeon Fred Reed…

…on the unreality of the “race realists” (aka racists) of the Dark Enlightenment. [Read more…]

On Getting Punked–And What Matters

So yesterday I get a note from a reader (apparently quite sincere) in which he tells me he has spent a bit of time among Dark Enlightenment types. Wants to talk about it because(he says) he’s concerned people are buying this stuff. Okay, sez I. No guarantees about publishing it but I’ll take a look.  Since I’ve [Read More…]

A Reader Writes of his Experience Among the Dark Enlightenment Types

The Dark Enlightenment Exposed I first heard about the Dark Enlightenment (aka “Neo-Reaction” or just “Reaction”) last year, the year after I graduated from college and was interning at a conservative think tank. I briefly become involved with the Dark Enlightenment and then left the movement in disgust. Here is what I learned: – The [Read More…]