A reader writes…

Locked in a life-or-death struggle over principles, eyeball-to-eyball until the last minute, the Party agrees to expand the federal government, expand the debt, and confiscate more property from anyone whose income is reported on a 1040. Oh, and more perks and subsidies for the money class. With men and women like these, always ready to [Read More…]

Continuing to Plow Out from Under my Mail…

I find this from Erin Manning: Dear Dark Lord, Welcome back from your Hidden Island Redoubt, where no doubt loads of sinister plotting for world domination occurred against the background music made by the screams of the insects who wandered unwarily into your campfire o’doom. While you were occupied with this important work, I took [Read More…]

As a Dark Lord, I Envy His Awesome Powers

Only I promise to use them for awesome, not for evil as he does. Somehow, I’m reminded of this: [Read more…]

At last! A group of peers who can appreciate my genius!

The International Society of Super-Villains sounds like people I can respect–right up till I put powerful mind-control drugs in their drinking water and turn them into my willing slaves. Mu, as they say, waha. [Read more…]