Destroy the Legion of Christ

The Legion needs to be destroyed bolt by bolt, piece by piece, until there is nothing left of this Maciel-glorifying robot. Machines don’t do what you want them to do. They do what they are designed to do. The Legion is a machine built by a monster of demonic evil to a) facilitate his crimes [Read More…]

Ed Peters speaks the truth about the Legion of Christ

Sez he: I have long held that nothing can rehabilitate the institution known as the Legion of Christ nor any of its affiliated works, and I’ve seen nothing in the last three years that gives me any reason to change my views. The LC and its progeny should be completely and forever dissolved. Period. Take [Read More…]

If the Legionaries had any decency at all…

They would fork the whole $60 million dollars back over to the family. But being the Evil Robot of Destruction Maciel built the organization to be, I highly doubt the Robot will go on doing anything but what Maciel programed the robot to do: take money, cover up evil, and destroy. The whole thing needs [Read More…]