Correspondence with a Legionary Hurt by My Call for the Destruction of the Legion

He writes: Just a short note to say that I read your blog about destroy the Legionaries and I thought I would drop you a quick email to ask you to have a cup of coffee with one of them so you can formulate an opinion about these fine men after you meet with one [Read More…]

Destroy the Legionaries

Leave not one stone standing upon another.  Dismantle the whole evil robot and send its innocent members to other orders and societies where they can serve Christ and be healed.  Send the leaders who knew and enabled Maciel off to clean toilets, wash the feet of beggars and (where appropriate) to jail.  Destroy the Legionaries.  [Read More…]

I love this guy so much!

Reason #5987376 to love Pope Francis: Pope Francis is the giant question mark in the center of any discussion of the future of the Legion. Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio had only a tenuous, tense relationship with the Legion, one priest told me. The Legion often tried to include him in fundraising dinners or events. He would [Read More…]