Nicole DeMille…

is a font of common sense and goodness.  God bless her! [Read more...]

Larry Peterson on Secularism’s Optimal Success Story…

…is a good read. “Secular” is, interestingly, a “church word”.  It comes from Catholic theology and pertains to the fact that the Church is not a theocracy and does not see itself as competent to run everything.  Human disciplines such as state, science, arts, philosophy, etc have their own own experts with their own fields [Read More...]

Reader Maureen Mullarkey is an accomplished artist

She is also quite a fine writer. She writes with some good news: First Things has invited my weblog onto their website. Previous postings of Studio Matters can be still be read at Beginning last Thursday, all postings will appear under my own name among FT’s hosted blogs. I hope to serve. Please take a moment to [Read More...]