Kevin O’Brien has an interesting look…

at Fr. Richard Rohr and his Immortal Diamond. By the way, Kevin has a series of videos out for homeschoolers you should check out.  Here’s one of them, illustrating the pretty dang highbrow type nature of his work: [Read more…]

Kevin O’Brien writes about why he believes…

and why we need Groucho Marx to help us evangelize: If this is all a lie or a pleasant fiction, we should burn all the churches. If this is all a lie, it is the worst lie in history. If the Church is merely a human institution, then it will only get even more corrupt [Read More…]

I, for one, needed to hear this

Sherry Antonetti writes: So what do we do as we watch powers and principalities play out a game of life chess with real people? If we remember, back when war with Syria seemed inevitable in 2013, Pope Francis asked the Church to pray and fast for peace.  Somehow, the war which seemed unavoidable, evaporated…overnight. Perhaps it [Read More…]

Sam Rocha Offers a Thoughtful Review…

of The Benedict Option right over here on Patheos. [Read more…]

In which Kevin O’Brien lives in the Two Americas…

…and reveals that he is bi. Cultural, that is. [Read more…]

Yes, the Holy Family…

…really were refugees. [Read more…]

Matt Talbot is a sweet guy

…and even when he dramatically disagrees with somebody, he tries his best to be empathetic and charitable.  Respect. [Read more…]

Kevin O’Brien is back on the air!

With a brand new blog! [Read more…]

Reader Robert Hunt has a new blog!

He writes: I have started a blog! The name of the blog is Thoughts and Prayers for the Faithful. I will, of course, be sharing my thoughts on various subjects. Mostly, though, I want the blog to be a ministry of prayer. My hope is that readers will feel free to share their needs and [Read More…]

Did You Know An Apple is in Motion…

…even when it is just sitting there? That’s because there’s more than one kind of motion. Local motion (movement in space) is what we moderns mean by “motion”. So when an apple falls on Newton’s head, that is what moderns think of as “motion.” But when St. Thomas speaks of “motion” he means “change of [Read More…]