John C. Wright on the Sense…

…of Wonder. Wonder is the mother of art, philosophy, theology and science. Incredibly, some people have a hard time telling the difference between ideology and the Catholic faith. The distinction is simple. The former has absolutely no room for wonder; the latter lives, moves, and has its being in Wonder. The difference between the Catholic [Read More...]

Dear Diary….

Today I discovered I had successfully badgered Tom McDonald to read Eifelheim–and he loved it.  I feel affirmed in my okayness. [Read more...]

Interesting Blog

A reader writes: What do you get when you give an Orthodox Priest, an Atheist, and a Catholic Professor from Indiana a computer? A unique, ecumenical, wide ranging blog accessible to laypersons with an inquisitive mind and an interest in the Eastern Churches. Fr. Oliver is a well respected Orthodox priest and author working with [Read More...]

Zany Jason Stellman…

…on the brain-dead silliness of getting one’s undies in a twist about a Coke commercial. [Read more...]

The Dead Philosophers Society is on the Air!

A reader writes: I am presently a grad student in my final semester of classes at Holy Apostles College and Seminary.  Holy Apostles is a fantastic and faithful Catholic University.  Their distance-learning graduate program gets better every year.  I’ve had Fr. Brian Mullady, Roy Schoeman, and Patrick Madrid as professors, among others.  In an effort [Read More...]

Oh goody! John C. Wright Reviews “The Hobbit…

…The Desolation of Tolkien”. It is as thorough and hilarious an evisceration as I could have hoped for. The one and only point he leaves out (for me, the single most offensive moment in the movie and revelatory of a conceptual and moral gulf between postmodern Jackson and medieval Tolkien) is the ghastly moment where [Read More...]

Tony Esolen on That Most Peculiar Creature of Postmodern Culture…

…the pampered slave. The dude can write. [Read more...]

No Doubt You Woke Up Asking, “What do Batman, Superman, and the Summa Theologiae Have to Do with One Another?”

Now you know! [Read more...]

I really miss the Troll

Where did you go, Troll? When will you return? Why did you leave us? [Read more...]

David Theroux on Duck Dynasty and Secular Theocracy

here and here. [Read more...]