Leticia Ochoa Adams is a hot mess convert with a scandalous sense of humor

I know her from FB.  Big heart.  Has her head screwed on straight.  Serious about following Jesus and being a Catholic.  Check thou out her blog! [Read more…]

John Medaille is interviewed…

…over at Solidarity Hall. Daniel Schwindt and Elias Crim are attempting something very interesting with Solidarity Hall. Check it out! Daniel will also be posting an interview with Yr. Obdt. Svt. there in a few days. [Read more…]

I love Terry Nelson

The man has his head screwed on straight. [Read more…]

Required reading on Catholic Social Teaching

Courtesy of book maven Ian Rutherford. [Read more…]

Michael Flynn on Thomas’ First Way…

…of demonstrating the existence of God.  The man is a walking education, and very fun to read. [Read more…]

Scenes of Domestic Bliss

Had muffins for dinner the other night. Somebody asked what kind they were. Jan replied, “Banana nut” and I was irresistibly compelled to add, “DOO DOO DIH DO DO!” Peter then said, “Banana nut?” And I replied “DOO DOO DIH DO!” Luke answered, “Banana nut.” And I erupted with: “DOO DOO DIH DO DO, DIH [Read More…]

Michael Lichens on Depression

It does not discriminate. My own experience of depression is that it is a kind of frozen anger, turned inward at myself.  Anger (the emotion, not the vice) is, like all feelings, morally neutral in itself.  It’s like weather, except with chemicals instead of air.  Feelings do what they do and the emotion of anger [Read More…]

Jackie Parkes is blogging from Ireland now

County Cavan, Ireland where she moved to a few months ago–where she loves it. A great voice from the Anglo-Irish blogosphere. [Read more…]

If it’s bad for the family, it’s bad

This truism, that almost sums up everything you need to know about Catholic Social Teaching, is grasped by The Quartermaster of the Barque, and gives me an excuse posting this essay by Chesterton (and I need little excuse for posting Chesterton): THE DRIFT FROM DOMESTICITY IN the matter of reforming things, as distinct from deforming [Read More…]

The Inimitable Fr. Bryce Sibley is blogging again

You may remember his blog, A Saintly Salmagundi.  Now he’s got a brand new groove. [Read more…]