Kevin O’Brien…

…on how simple friendships show us heaven and hell. [Read more…]

It’s an honor to know Tom McDonald

Here he is, doing what every Christian in the world should do in the face of human evil: taking responsibility and turning to God for mercy instead looking around for somebody else to blame. One of the things that finally dawned on me a couple of years ago was that it was stupid to blame [Read More…]

Dan Burke begins a very welcome and much-needed series

He writes: I am sure you are aware of the rise of several forces in the Church that are very destructive. One has been around a long time – the chasing after apparitions and an inordinate or unhealthy focus on private mystical experience unmoored from the heart of the Church (Maria Divine Mercy is a [Read More…]

Simcha Fisher…

…is giving away the farm!  Today’s your chance to load up on some NFP swag.  I offered to give away a free Sam Rocha with my autograph on his face (now with natural maple flavor and imported from Canada!), but Simcha said no.  Then I offered to sign a copy of Forming Intentional Disciples “Sherry [Read More…]

Sherry Antonetti on What it Means to Be a Catholic Blogger

I’ve written on How to be a Catholic Blogger, but Sherry takes up the question of what it means in a very generous and thoughtful way. [Read more…]

The Late Stratford Caldecott on…

…the Search for the Secret of Life and Death. Eternal memory. [Read more…]

Simcha Fisher on the Odious Pewsitter Site

In parts of the Islamic world, women can get horsewhipped and killed for the “crime” of getting raped.  That’s because, in certain barbarous parts of the world, all that matters is that the female organism underwent the act of coitus, forced or consensual, to incur ritual guilt with very real penalties.  It’s a mindset that [Read More…]

The Redoubtable Michelle Arnold of Catholic Answers…

Has a blog, titled “Peace, Joy, Pancakes“. Here’s a little taste: “Catholic By Choice” “The Carmelites and Their Scapular” “How to Answer Stupid Questions” Always good to have more sensible Catholic voices out there working in the Vineyard! Live long and prosper, Michelle! [Read more…]

Mike Flynn on Electrons, Photons, Transubstantiation and the Trinity

Our culture is one that deeply believes that when a High Priest called a “scientist” dons his liturgical vestment of a lab coat and mediates reality to laypeople by declaring “We believe photons and electrons behave like particles and waves and that is a mystery”, he is just stating Hard Fact that only a fool [Read More…]

Kevin O’Brien…

…on living in the Church vs. living in a cult. Don’t imagine for one moment that being a Catholic immunizes us from being cultists–or from trying to shrink the Church down from being the Church to being a cult centered around some idol of our own making.     [Read more…]