Fr. Angelo Mary Geiger Continues to Fight the Good Fight

…in defense of the Faith and the Holy Father against Reactionary enemies of both.  God bless his work in the Vineyard. [Read more…]

The Rhymes of History…

…is another fine offering from the Western Sojourn blog. [Read more…]

Fr. Angelo Mary Geiger on Keeping Secrets…

blogging, and anonymity. I realize that it’s perfectly legit to write on the web under a handle and have, on rare occasions, done so myself for prudential reason. But mostly I have always had a scruple against it. I just feel funny writing things if I don’t have the guts to sign my name to [Read More…]

Sherry Weddell is on the Air!

Check out her new blog here on Patheos! [Read more…]

What’s the Difference Between Cults and the Church?

To a person of religious sensibility—someone searching for God—it is easy to be drawn into a cult, rather than one of the more respectable “religions.” But what is the difference between a cult and a religion? To outsiders they may appear indistinguishable. The early Christians were a cult in the eyes of the Romans. Modern [Read More…]

Ancilla Domini Continues…

…her post-abortion walk. [Read more…]

Michael Lichens is such a gift

Here he is, at the Catholic Gentleman, writing about his “Black Dog Days” and things he’s found helpful in dealing with depression. As somebody who has struggled with depression myself, and who is related to people who struggle with it, I appreciate his humane take. Also, he writes about the great Stratford Caldecott and comic [Read More…]

Keith Strohm has New Blog!

He writes: It’s called Ablaze: Setting Hearts on Fire for Christ and it is focused on expanding the conversation in the Church around discipleship and evangelization, and also sharing practical ideas for evangelization–especially at the parish and family level. Here are two examples of what the blog is about: Boom Goes the Dunamis: A reflection [Read More…]

Fr. Angelo Mary Geiger, one of the sane FFIs…

…reports on the latest doings there. [Read more…]

Duane Mandible…

…is back on the air, confronting and exposing the heck out of everything! If you are wondering what neo-Catholics are, you’re not alone. I wondered (and still occasionally wonder) what they are, since the term is so elastic. So I once went on a search for a definition. What I eventually found to be the [Read More…]