Ancilla Domini…

…continues her post-abortion walk. [Read more...]

Has the DSM really been changed to make pedophilia a “sexual orientation”?

It would appear not, according to Greg Popcak.  For which, I am grateful. The distinction the DSM appears to make is between those who feel the temptation and those who act on it.  As Catholics, we need to be aware such a distinction ourselves since the mere fact of a disordered desire does not mean [Read More...]

When Last We Heard from the Wonderfully Fertile Brain of Julian Ahlquist

…he was demonstrating, with geometric logic, that the Star Wars saga is actually an allegory for the history of the Second Vatican Council.  No one can argue with this, I believe.  He deserves a combined Templeton/Nobel Prize for this blog post alone. However, not content to rest on his laurels, he continues to give the [Read More...]

An Elaborate Hypothetical Situation for Canon Lawyers…

…that may or may not be hypothetical. Too complicated for me, so I’ll keep my trap shut. If you are a canonist, knock yourself out. [Read more...]

The Other Fr. Z…

…on the clericalism clash. [Read more...]

Mike Flynn offers a fun look…

…at one of his own novels: the sadly neglected The Wreck of the River of Stars. It’s a beautiful, heart-breaking piece of work that you should really read. Flynn also, of course, utters heretical blasphemous blasphemy of heresy concerning climate fideism, which is also fun. [Read more...]

Reactionary Layman Successfully Defends Church from Wounded Sinner Seeking God

From Terry Nelson: [W]hile he was Bishop of La Crosse, Wisconsin, Cardinal Burke permitted a transgendered woman to begin a religious community, or pious association of the faithful.  As Bishop, Burke said he did so in consultation with the Holy See.  A concerned lay woman, went over the Bishop’s head and complained to the Vatican.  [Read More...]

One of the Many Reasons I Love Tom McDonald

…is that he doesn’t go for the cheap and obvious, but tries have human empathy for odd people. In that, he is deeply Catholic since we are a Church of odd people. The world says, “Don’t stick out or be strange. Fit in!” Even the most non-conformist worldling tends to be part of a herd [Read More...]

Many Post-Moderns Have the Intellectual Equivalent of a Tapeworm in their Minds

You can present them with the most information rich environment in the world but, because they have never learned to think, or because they have been taught they are the smartest generation in history and need pay no attention to their stupid ancestors, or because they have been taught to pay attention only to trivial [Read More...]

Charlie Broadway Has a Healthy Instinct

…to just stick with the sanity of the Church and not pledge allegiance to our increasingly insane political tribes. More like this guy, please.  Especially since he gives me an excuse to quote one of my favorite passages from Chesterton’s Orthodoxy, a rebuke to our lunatic age and an endlessly refreshing fountain of sanity: The [Read More...]