Over at the Sacred Page…

John Bergsma does a fine job of exploding the silly suburban bourgeois myth that ancient paganism was a world of buttercup twirling goddess worshippers that was inexplicably routed by brutal and intolerant followers of Christ.  The tolerance of the classical world was the essence of its brutality and the intolerance of the Christians for it casual [Read More…]

Mike Flynn on the Day his Old Man First Felt Old

It was upon leaving Iwo Jima. We asked him once when was the first time he felt old. He said it was on his 20th birthday, when he boarded a troopship to leave the island. A while back Sèan told him there were now tour groups for veterans to return to the island. Sèan said [Read More…]

John C. Wright on the Sense…

…of Wonder. Wonder is the mother of art, philosophy, theology and science. Incredibly, some people have a hard time telling the difference between ideology and the Catholic faith. The distinction is simple. The former has absolutely no room for wonder; the latter lives, moves, and has its being in Wonder. The difference between the Catholic [Read More…]

Dear Diary….

Today I discovered I had successfully badgered Tom McDonald to read Eifelheim–and he loved it.  I feel affirmed in my okayness. [Read more…]

Interesting Blog

A reader writes: What do you get when you give an Orthodox Priest, an Atheist, and a Catholic Professor from Indiana a computer? A unique, ecumenical, wide ranging blog accessible to laypersons with an inquisitive mind and an interest in the Eastern Churches. Fr. Oliver is a well respected Orthodox priest and author working with [Read More…]

Zany Jason Stellman…

…on the brain-dead silliness of getting one’s undies in a twist about a Coke commercial. [Read more…]

The Dead Philosophers Society is on the Air!

A reader writes: I am presently a grad student in my final semester of classes at Holy Apostles College and Seminary.  Holy Apostles is a fantastic and faithful Catholic University.  Their distance-learning graduate program gets better every year.  I’ve had Fr. Brian Mullady, Roy Schoeman, and Patrick Madrid as professors, among others.  In an effort [Read More…]

Oh goody! John C. Wright Reviews “The Hobbit…

…The Desolation of Tolkien”. It is as thorough and hilarious an evisceration as I could have hoped for. The one and only point he leaves out (for me, the single most offensive moment in the movie and revelatory of a conceptual and moral gulf between postmodern Jackson and medieval Tolkien) is the ghastly moment where [Read More…]

Tony Esolen on That Most Peculiar Creature of Postmodern Culture…

…the pampered slave. The dude can write. [Read more…]

No Doubt You Woke Up Asking, “What do Batman, Superman, and the Summa Theologiae Have to Do with One Another?”

Now you know! [Read more…]