I really miss the Troll

Where did you go, Troll? When will you return? Why did you leave us? [Read more…]

David Theroux on Duck Dynasty and Secular Theocracy

here and here. [Read more…]

Jackie Parkes writes from Across the Pond

…to deliver the great glad tidings that her blog, Catholic Mom of 10, is back on the air. Check it out and support the Catholic Church in England! [Read more…]

New blog!

It’s called The Contradiction Reel. Many of the poems are on Catholic themes — a few have appeared in Dappled Things, First Things and Pilgrim . Check thou it out! [Read more…]

The latest edition of Christian Democracy

…is on the air! [Read more…]

One week left

till National Media Mime Day, in which the whole American News media does the full Marcel Marceau and says not one word about the annual massive outpouring of prolife passion across America for the 41st anniversary of Roe. [Read more…]

John Calvin Made Him a Catholic

…according to David Anders. It’s funny.  Some of my favorite people I’ve come to know since becoming Catholic are former Calvinists.  And yet my own experience of encounter with Calvinism was of nothing but a bone-chilling encounter with satanic pride and evil that almost destroyed my hope in the goodness of God. One of the [Read More…]

Lizzie Scalia Heaps Well-Deserved Shame

…on the impenitent Klansmen who edit what used to be US News and World Report for their amazingly scummy anti-Catholic bigotry. Jamie Stiehm: You got Jefferson totally wrong. Now hear Lincoln: Our progress in degeneracy appears to me to be pretty rapid. As a nation, we began by declaring that “all men are created equal.” [Read More…]

Terry Nelson on Fake Outrage

…because the Obamas didn’t go to Church for Christmas–like, you know, Reagan. We can’t borrow trouble by getting our undies in a bunch about dumb stuff.  Lincoln, be it remembered, was assassinated while blowing off Church (because he was, ahem, not a Christian in any recognizable sense) and taking in a play on Good Friday.  Our political [Read More…]

Mike Flynn has a marvelous post…

…on how deeply sensitive PC folk innoculate themselves against the encounter with ideas outside their cramped intellectual bubble by pre-emptively declaring books ritually impure before they know anything about them. In the course of it, he does something I, as a founding member of the Wright/Shea Mutual Admiration Society, have been lax in doing: recommending [Read More…]