J. Budziszewski…

is a fine Catholic writer (author of the wonderful book on natural law called What We Can’t Not Know). He is a teacher of government and philosophy at the University of Texas, and a Catholic convert, specializing in natural law, with a particular interest in how we tell ourselves we don’t know what we really [Read More…]

Tom Kreitzberg Pins Things Down For Us

He had a Thing at the Parish: That clears everything up.  If you haven’t had a St. Catherine of Siena Institute “Called and Gifted” workshop at your parish, you’re missing out.  This was created by the inestimable Sherry Weddell, who is also the author of one of the most important books of the decade: Forming [Read More…]

The December issue of Christian Democracy…

…is here. [Read more…]

Fr. Dwight doesn’t like…

resurrucifixes.  I’m not super keen on them either.  I sometimes fancy that part of the reason the death and resurrection of Jesus have this curious three day span between them is precisely to emphasize the really truly deadness of his death in order to emphasize the really truly aliveness of his resurrection.  Resurrucifixes tend to [Read More…]

My Pal Jason Stellman is involved in a promising new site

It’s called Heavy for the Vintage. He writes: A few friends and I have started this site, Heavy for the Vintage. About half of us are Christians, I’m the only Catholic, and we are basically just writing op-ed type stuff at this point, engaging cultural issues. Our Twitter blurb says “We think out loud, vent, [Read More…]

Ben at 2Catholic Men has an interesting rumination…

…on what our “triggers” are, partly occasioned by reading By What Authority? And that was written before the book had been revised and expanded and given an awesome new cover!  Heaven knows what triggers will be set off now that the book has undergone its dramatic transformation from this to this!: You should click on the [Read More…]

Summa origines scientiarum: Articulus 3

Article 3. Whether Christianity enabled the rise of science in the West Mike Flynn on Jerry Coyne is sort of like watching a cat playing with an incredibly arrogant and somewhat dim mouse. Fun! [Read more…]

Simcha Fisher has a sweet deal…

She’s adding some prizes to a kickstarter for her brother-in-law’s brother’s handmade pasta company.  Nice prize is Fr. Barron’s new DVD set. It’s always nice when a work of mercy has prizes attached. [Read more…]

Behold the Mackerel Snapper Blog!

Written by a convert for the benefit of those who are either not Catholic or who are considering becoming Catholic. Check it out! [Read more…]

Natural Revelationpalooza!

Over at the Register, we continue looking at Natural Revelation by looking at evolution as form of evidence for Thomas’ argument from design, thus causing atheist fundamentalists in the comboxes to have asplodeyt heads and to argue for their position by explaining “Shut up!” Meanwhile, over at Strange Notions, I argue with a more reasonable [Read More…]