Matthew Tyson on Killing

He does what I should have done and situates the Church’s teaching on the death penalty in the context of the rest of its teaching on the fifth commandment in the Catechism, making clear that the approach is always “how can we avoid killing if at all humanly possible” and never “when do we get [Read More…]

Rebecca Bratten Weiss is simply right

Catholics must denounce the anti-semitism of the alt Right. It is poison and we who know where that can lead will be judged, if it were possible, even more harshly than the people who did not foresee what would come of the rise of Hitler. [Read more…]

“Catholics, this should bother you”

If it doesn’t bother you- imagine that they are bulldozing St. Peter’s in Rome and the National Basilica of the Immaculate Conception – Steel Magnificat. [Read more…]

Matt LaFleur is very kind

to Yr Obdt Svt.  He also has a lot of interesting things to check out. Update: D’oh!  Toby D’Anna wrote that.  Matt edited it! [Read more…]

Timothy Putnam on our Need for a Church…

that is right where we are wrong: We do not really want a religion that is right where we are right. What we want is a religion that is right where we are wrong. In these current fashions it is not really a question of the religion allowing us liberty; but (at the best) of [Read More…]

Oh goody! Mike Flynn is back writing his history of the Crusades!

Flynn is one of the most droll and erudite scribblers I know. His absolutely fascinating series on the history of our journey from geocentrism to heliocentrism is one of the most interesting thing you will ever read (also, you should read his The January Dancer, and then the rest of his Spiral Arm series. Deus Vult!) [Read More…]

The History of Cosmology

HT: Mike Flynn, whose Great Ptolemaic Smackdown series on how we got from geocentrism to heliocentrism is one of the most fun science series you will ever read. I’m currently in the middle of Up Jim River, the second of Flynn’s Spiral Arm novels (the first being The January Dancer).  Great, great writing. [Read more…]

An Examination of Conscience…

…in a time of violence. [Read more…]

Live Together or Die Alone

Truth from Tony Rossi. [Read more…]

Scott Eric Alt Find a Hilarious Quote

…for the benefit of Super Duper Catholic Francis Haters: “When we love the pope, we do not say he has not spoken clearly enough” — Pius X Bwahahahahaha!!! [Read more…]