Kevin O’Brien writes…

To answer a reader’s cry, “I ask this seriously with all my lonely, despairing heart: how do I make myself kiss him? (And, more importantly, enjoy his companionship when I just don’t?)” – I end up telling the story of my life. [Read more...]

Ben at Two Catholic Men has some Mathematical Weirdness

…for you to play around with. I believe mathematics to be a form of witchcraft or magic of some kind. I do not understand it. Therefore I fear it and wish to lash out blindly and destroy it. All English majors are like this. [Read more...]

The Argument from Motion, Part III

…in which the invaluable Mike Flynn continues his discussion of St. Thomas first demonstration of the existence of God. Caution, Nu Atheists: Flynn prefers using his intellect to your habit of merely worshipping it. Go here and here to catch up with the discussion. [Read more...]

Bill Doino, Jr. on La Popessa…

…over at First Things. [Read more...]

Mackerel Snapper is Back on the Air!

…writing about being a living parable. Check thou it out! [Read more...]

Fr. Kevin Mohan writes about Grace Before Full Plates

…over at his blog. [Read more...]

Te Deum Laudamus…

has the scoop on the recent 15th Call to Holiness Conference, replete with Solemn High Mass Photos; Audio and Video [Read more...]

The invaluable Amy Welborn…

…on, among other things, the daft Church/State financial arrangments in Germany and how that provides vital background to the stuff the German bishops are doing and saying. I also like this quintessentially Welbornian clarity of thought about the media’s hyperfocus on Cdl. Kasper: (Well, first you should be wondering why the head of a national church [Read More...]

Tom McDonald has been doing a series on ghosts

over at God and the Machine. The series is here. His latest post is here. I’ve always found the topic interesting since I have great respect for human traditions that are universally attested throughout all of human history, as ghosts are. At the same time, I find it fascinating that the Church is, in its [Read More...]

TolkienCatholic is On the Air!

He writes: Long time reader of your blog here. I recently launched a new site/blog/”imperial headquarters of universal domination” called Tolkien Catholic. As you might surmise, it is dedicated to exploring and expounding the richness of Tolkien’s creative and spiritual vision, which I spent the last year and a half studying in the process of [Read More...]