A Former Episcopalian Reader Recently Repatriated to the Catholic Church Sez

“This is what happens when you don’t have a Magisterium.” I always feel terrible when I look at the death of the Anglican communion.  I owe Anglicans so much.  Donne, Sayers, Lewis, Williams.  Where would we be without them? And yet, Good Lord, what a spectacle.  So I hope all the fine Anglicans will come [Read More...]

The Indomitable John C. Wright

…continues his multi-part apologia for the Catholic faith in his inimitable style.  He is such *fun* to read.  Where else can you find a Catholic apologist who also has pithy observations about Wonder Woman’s new costume and the worthiness of Solomon Kane, Puritan Adventurer to be Leader of the Free World?  Plus, snazzy hat. [Read more...]

Top 100 Blogs…

by Catholic sisters and nuns. For all your top 100 nun blogs needs. [Read more...]

Fr. Dwight Longenecker Ponders Pope Francis

Is he a Reformer or a Revolutionary? Dude. All I know is that Sir Elton John likes him. That ought to be divine approval enough for anybody. Seriously, what interests me is how Francis keeps being perceived as somehow uniquely humble (in apparent contradistinction to Benedict). This is weird for anybody who paid any attention [Read More...]

Ancilla Domini Says She is Nothing…

if not predictable. I knew she was going to say that. [Read more...]

Against the Hypersexualization of Everything

It destroys community and it doesn’t bring happiness. [Read more...]

The Invaluable Tom Kreitzberg responds…

to my take on “Extra Ecclesia Nulla Salus” with the very salient point that saying “You aren’t necessarily damned if you don’t die a Catholic”, while true, is not really the core of the message Jesus sent the Church to preach.  Read him both here and here. The Minimum Daily Adult Requirement approach to salvation [Read More...]

Brandon Vogt is Simply Right

…and I support him 100%. [Read more...]

Brandon Vogt Did Nothing Wrong

…and Simcha Fisher ably explains why. I’m sorry, it is completely stupid for the Church’s bureaucrats to make it so hard for Catholics who want nothing more than to spread and teach the faith to have access to the Church’s documents and to make them as broadly available as possible. People ask if I believe [Read More...]

Quartermaster of the Barque…

…is on the air and dispensing orthodox Catholic joy.  Check thou it out. [Read more...]