Goody! Part 9 of the Great Ptolemaic Smackdown

is on the air! [Read more…]

I miss the Troll

Troll! Where have you gone? Come back! [Read more…]

The Latest Issue of Christian Democracy…

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You’re not supposed to name your guardian angel

I learned this odd factoid from Fr. Mitch Pacwa while sitting in a little airport in Michigan once. It had never occurred to me to name my guardian angel, but for some reason it came up in the conversation with the little group we were seated with as we waited for the plane. Somebody mentioned [Read More…]

John C. Wright on Paganism and Neo-Paganism

I seem to have missed it at the time it was posted (or else I am getting senile and have forgotten it) but anyway, John offers his inimitable reflections on paganism and on the pretend game of dress-up that is silly post-Christian neo-paganism. Makes me proud to be a member of the extremely exclusive Wright/Shea [Read More…]

Huzzah! The Next Installment of Mike Flynn’s Epic Tale…

…of the Great Ptolemaic Smackdown is now up!  I’m loving this series! [Read more…]

More Traditionalists…

…like Diane Korzeniewski, please! [Read more…]

Steve Ray has a fun piece…

… on Crap, Castration, and Two Creations, concerning inter alia the biblical authors’ lack of hesitance in using… organic… imagery to get a point across. I wrote on something similar once in treating of Swearing and Vulgarity (they are not the same thing). What’s interesting about vulgarity is that a word that (in English, at [Read More…]

Kevin O’Brien…

…on the offensive embarrassment of Mary. Mary is right at the epicenter of the scandal of the incarnation, when God decided to not remain in the nice, safe spiritual realm of ideas and platonic forms and instead got all gynecological with the attendant body fluids, mucus and,most of all, blood that goes with that whole [Read More…]

Oompa. Loompa. Doompity. Doo. Two Catholic Men….

…have a riddle for you. [Read more…]