Steve Ray has a fun piece…

… on Crap, Castration, and Two Creations, concerning inter alia the biblical authors’ lack of hesitance in using… organic… imagery to get a point across. I wrote on something similar once in treating of Swearing and Vulgarity (they are not the same thing). What’s interesting about vulgarity is that a word that (in English, at [Read More…]

Kevin O’Brien…

…on the offensive embarrassment of Mary. Mary is right at the epicenter of the scandal of the incarnation, when God decided to not remain in the nice, safe spiritual realm of ideas and platonic forms and instead got all gynecological with the attendant body fluids, mucus and,most of all, blood that goes with that whole [Read More…]

Oompa. Loompa. Doompity. Doo. Two Catholic Men….

…have a riddle for you. [Read more…]

What Joy! Mike Flynn’s Next Installment…

…of the Great Ptolemaic Smackdown! History is always so much more fun and interesting that one-dimensional propaganda. [Read more…]

Fr. Dwight Wants out of his Box…

Clearly, he is out of touch with American ecclesial political discourse, wherein man was made for the box, not the box for man. Me: I’m a homophobic supporter of gay marriage as well as a neanderthal conservative liberal wuss and an anti-intellectual believer in superstition who is a smarty pants college boy. [Read more…]

SSA Saints: To Canonize or Not to Canonize?

Ron Belgau sends this along: Why the Church and the World Need Celibate Gay Saints Excerpts: “If the Church wants to speak credibly about homosexuality it must be prepared to speak “in the first person,” just as it has recently made an effort to teach the truth of Christian marriage by canonizing married saints and [Read More…]


…the people who gave you the Weekend! [Read more…]

Andrew Motyka Has Impeccable Traditionalist Credentials…

…and likewise warns that the worst enemies of Traditionalism on the planet are Reactionaries.  A fine piece from a sensible and sane Traditionalist. [Read more…]

Mike Flynn Continues His Ongoing Campaign to Educate Us…

…about all this science stuff we thought we knew about, but really just parrot because some priestly figure in a lab coat told us so. Today, he points out that that not  one person in a thousand could actually explain how we know heliocentrism is true and could not, if our lives depended on it, [Read More…]

Mike Flynn Goes Looking for Words in Other Languages

…that English lacks.  He finds the magnificent… Backpfeifengesicht (German): A face badly in need of a fist There’s other fun here. [Read more…]