Reader Ryan McLaughlin writes…

I hope this email finds you well! A friend and I are starting a new blog that’s all about the Sacred Heart devotion. We’re both twenty-something converts from Protestantism, and we’re both really passionate about how much devotion to the Sacred Heart has affected our spiritual lives. Our main goal is to do a First [Read More…]

Reader Laura Catherine Hudgens writes….

I am a Catholic mother of four children, ages 9-17, and a high school teacher. I run a blog that reviews young adult literature and books for the middle school crowd. Often when a child brings home a book from the school library or a book that has been assigned by a teacher, parents assume [Read More…]

Dale Price has a gift for succinct common sense

Here he is, with a nice quote pointing out that democratic societies, pretty much get the civilization they deserve: ‘What happens next?’ We shattered the family and called it ‘liberation.’ We elected grifters and called it ‘self-government.’ We pillaged the future and called it ‘prosperity.’ We lionized theft and called it ‘commerce.’ We scorned our [Read More…]

Mike Flynn on Steven Pinker…

and scientism. [Read more…]


Tim O’Neil, erstwhile wry, dry, rather sarcastic, eccentric, occasionally arrogant Irish-Australian atheist bastard, has tremendous and informative fun disabusing the vast cadre of internet atheists who worship rather than use the intellect of the gigantic myth of the Evil Old Catholic Church persecuting scientists and thereby creating The Dark Ages[TM].  In particular, he focuses his [Read More…]

Ancilla Domini continues…

…her post-abortion walk. [Read more…]

Marcel LeJeune…

…sounds like he’s been reading Sherry Weddell’s Forming Intentional Disciples.  That’s always a healthy sign! By the way, I’m happy to see Acts of the Apostasy is also studying the book! It’s one of the most important books of the decade.  Really. [Read more…]

Another Gay Person I Regard as a Fine Catholic

…turns out to be Simcha Fisher’s brother! And his name turn out not to be Steve Gershom but Joseph Prever. Thanks to Pope Francis’ recent remarks, I can now repeat a point I made a while back: namely that, like it or not “gay” is now the word commonly used in English to denote someone [Read More…]

Oh Gee! Oh Joy! The Birds are Singing!

Because why?  Because there is the Jerk! Once in a generation, if we are lucky, there comes a Voice that speaks for that Generation.  The Jerk is not that Voice.  But I love him anyway. [Read more…]

Pat Archbold has great fun….

…with contemporary culture’s attempt to pigeonhole the Pope in dumb political categories.  Best part: an awful lot of the combox commentary totally misses the point. [Read more…]