Over at Standing on my Head…

Fr. Longenecker is having an interesting conversation with an Evangelical who is ripe for the engagement with the Catholic tradition that Sherry Weddell is describing in Forming Intentional Disciples. Forming Intentional Disciples, if I have not mentioned it lately, is one of the most important books in English for the Church facing the challenge of [Read More...]

Dang! That’s good!

“Both the Christian and the Atheist stand before death and make an act of faith — the atheist that he knows the unknowable, and the Christian that he expects the unexpected.” – BadCatholic [Read more...]

Frank Schaeffer Continues to Disappoint

His reply to me, for instance, is deeply disappointing. My point, of course, was not (as he insinuates) to threaten violence, but to point out the folly of his guest poster saying “A life that can be taken is a life that is aware it can be took”. If that’s the case, then killing a sleeping or [Read More...]

Mike Flynn on the Courage…

…of the Late Modern Intellectual. With incredible daring, some member of the chattering classes attacks the Blessed Virgin Mary while other members of the Chattering Classes marvel that Evangelicals are not offended at this swipe at Marian piety. Naturally, much self-congratulation at their own courage ensues. [Read more...]

This is Fun

Mike Flynn, when he is not busy writing great science fiction that will be read for many years to come, is a statistician by trade.  His specialty being the contemplation of things like “randomness” and “chance” and other such things, he has been afforded an opportunity to think about the hoo hah that typically accompanies [Read More...]

Marc Barnes is fantastic

Here’s his typically insightful (and in this case, Ecclesiastesesque) post on the consequences of limiting one’s horizons to a nature that has been, as Paul says, subjected to futility. [T]he modern world sees destruction as something bold, brave and ballsy. We see sin — always destructive — as a solid in an otherwise watery universe.  [Read More...]

Let Troll

…be Troll! I hereby do plead for the return of the Troll to the blogosphere. The eerie silence since November 12 cries out to be filled with the inimitable prose stylings of the Troll! Return to us, Troll! We love you! [Read more...]

New Blog!

Catholic Unity is seeking Catholic Unity, which is a worthwhile thing to seek, given that Jesus prayed for it in John 17. [Read more...]

Very interesting essay by Patrick Deneen…

…over at the very much worth reading Front Porch Republic, asking, “Is there a conservative tradition in America?” [Read more...]

Pat Archbold is the Real Deal

Here is why I love the man. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be satisfied. [Read more...]

Leah Libresco offers a beautiful and quirky reflection…

three days out from her baptism, on Bartimaeus and Stephen Sondheim. Just because I’m a tiresome pedant, I replied to her: Two things are also worth noting about this narrative. First, it’s very significant that Bartimaeus is *named* by the evangelist. This is the convention in ancient historiography in identifying the source of the the [Read More...]

I caught Dawn Eden on the Journey Home the other night

If you missed it, you can go here and not only see the Youtube, but check out Dawn’s new blog here at Patheos. [Read more...]