Ancilla Domini continues…

…her post-abortion walk. [Read more…]

Marcel LeJeune…

…sounds like he’s been reading Sherry Weddell’s Forming Intentional Disciples.  That’s always a healthy sign! By the way, I’m happy to see Acts of the Apostasy is also studying the book! It’s one of the most important books of the decade.  Really. [Read more…]

Another Gay Person I Regard as a Fine Catholic

…turns out to be Simcha Fisher’s brother! And his name turn out not to be Steve Gershom but Joseph Prever. Thanks to Pope Francis’ recent remarks, I can now repeat a point I made a while back: namely that, like it or not “gay” is now the word commonly used in English to denote someone [Read More…]

Oh Gee! Oh Joy! The Birds are Singing!

Because why?  Because there is the Jerk! Once in a generation, if we are lucky, there comes a Voice that speaks for that Generation.  The Jerk is not that Voice.  But I love him anyway. [Read more…]

Pat Archbold has great fun….

…with contemporary culture’s attempt to pigeonhole the Pope in dumb political categories.  Best part: an awful lot of the combox commentary totally misses the point. [Read more…]

Zombie Boswell Stalks the Earth Once More

Old lies tend to recycle. Whether it’s The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, or Mein Kampf, or Worlds in Collision or The Awful Revelations of Maria Monk or Holocaust Denial or Moon Landing Hoax junk or 9/11 Conspiracy Theories, what tends to happen is that somebody makes a huge and outrageous claim. People [Read More…]

Where Fr. Z Shines

I was critical of him the other day, so it’s only fair to say that I think this is an oasis of sanity in a desert of what he calls “spittle-flecked nutties”. He has some sensible counsel for people prone to infer the Apocalypse from Francis’ actions. [Read more…]

Mike Flynn Offers Some Fun Nuggets

on this and that. [Read more…]

A Former Episcopalian Reader Recently Repatriated to the Catholic Church Sez

“This is what happens when you don’t have a Magisterium.” I always feel terrible when I look at the death of the Anglican communion.  I owe Anglicans so much.  Donne, Sayers, Lewis, Williams.  Where would we be without them? And yet, Good Lord, what a spectacle.  So I hope all the fine Anglicans will come [Read More…]

The Indomitable John C. Wright

…continues his multi-part apologia for the Catholic faith in his inimitable style.  He is such *fun* to read.  Where else can you find a Catholic apologist who also has pithy observations about Wonder Woman’s new costume and the worthiness of Solomon Kane, Puritan Adventurer to be Leader of the Free World?  Plus, snazzy hat. [Read more…]