I’m liking this Jennifer Lawrence lady

She seems to have her head screwed on straight. [Read more...]

The Ever-Droll Tom Kreitzberg Clarifies Things

Paving Material The Road To Hell The Streets of Hell Good Intentions Yes No The Skulls of Bishops No Yes Just wanted to clear that up. Tom’s invaluable blog is found here. [Read more...]

14 out of 453 members of Congress Care about Conscience and Religious Liberty

13 of them are women. Someday, Rebecca Hamilton should join their number. Oklahoma, don’t drop her because you won’t find another like her anytime soon. [Read more...]

One of my favorite people, Nicole DeMille…

has a new blog! [Read more...]

The Catholic Stand blog…

offers a post designed to help those of goodwill to get more solid reasoning behind supporting our Church guidance on the issue of gay “marriage”. [Read more...]

John C. Wright is Endlessly Interesting

Here he is, introducting the idea of argumentroids by means of discussing scientifroids: I have always held that Science Fiction was never actually fiction stories about science. Instead, it is stories about fictional science. Writers routinely commended for the “hardness” of their hard SF, that is to say, commended for their realism, such as Larry [Read More...]

The Case for an African Pontiff

…according to Fr. Dwight Longenecker. I sort of regard speculation about papal elections the way I do talking about the weather. My views will have no impact whatsoever on the outcome and it’s basically all up to the Holy Spirit. I can give God input via my prayers, I s’pose. But mostly those are of [Read More...]

Kevin O’Brien is noodling…

Lent, Zen, and Acting. [Read more...]

Garry Wills, Apostate, vs. Stephen Colbert, Catechist

The Colbert ReportGet More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,Video Archive In his weird subversive way, Colbert reaches more people with actual catechesis than almost any figure in the media. Wills, meantime, is completely off the deep end when it comes to Augustine’s views on the Eucharist, his dismissal of Hebrews, and his [Read More...]

The Troll Explains the Hidden History of our Time

If you want to know the *real* reason Papa Benedict resigned, look no further. Don’t forget to vote for Troll as Sexiest Catholic Blogger Alive. [Read more...]