The other Fr. Z….

…has a post prompted by some pictures a little girl gave him after Mass with the request to give them to God! Too sweet. Enjoy! [Read more…]

Fr. Denis Lemieux Looks at Recent Political Scandals…

here and in Canada. Nifty quote from Pope Emeritus Benedict. [Read more…]

Knowing the Words But Not the Tune

So last week, Jimmy Akin writes a little post on the question of what we know about heaven/hell population statistics. (Short answer: nothing, so while recognizing and warning of the real possibility of Hell, we should hope in Christ Jesus and get on with the business of being his disciples and witnesses.) In the course [Read More…]

Hey California!

Stephen Bainbridge wants you to contact your Assemblyman. [Read more…]

Dawn Eden

…has Johnnette Benkovic’s “Women of Grace” interview with her in which she discusses what forgiveness means. The post also includes links to the entire week of interviews that Johnnette did with her on healing sexual wounds with the help of the saints. [Read more…]

Kevin O’Brien recently played Orestes Brownson

…and it got him thinking. [Read more…]

I have no idea what this is about

…but you can’t deny that this is one arresting headline for a blog post: I Don’t Always Kill Bears But When I Do I Strangle Them and Use My Carpenter’s Ax [Read more…]

The Biggest–and Ultimately Only–Obstacle I Have on the Road to Heaven…

…is me. [Read more…]

Infinite Grace continues…

…her post-abortion walk.  A quiet little gem of a blog from one of the people who got trampled by the elephants of our Ruling Class in their rush to posture as “compassionate”.  After all the pro-choice posing for the cameras and the fake “care” about women from these self-regarding killers, all that’s left are wounded [Read More…]

The Troll offers his inimitable insights…

…on recent contretemps in this space.  I am always amused when discussions reach the “Maybe he said X because of all the Y and Z things he’s trying to distract us from” phase of an argument.  The increasingly weird attempts to parse what was *not* said start to remind me of the search for canals [Read More…]