Meet “Faith Meets World“! Saying that three times fast reminds me somehow of the Bob Loblaw Law Blog.   [Read more...]

The Invisible Man…

…is innocent. [Read more...]

Co-Founder of the Wright/Shea Mutual Admiration Society….

holds forth admirably on the Pigpile of Subjectivism. I particularly enjoyed his quote from a reader: All subjectivists, in my experience, believe that subjectivism is true for all people at all times, and furthermore that it is all people’s duty to acknowledge this. I am endlessly fascinated by people who hold complete contraries in their [Read More...]

Prayers today…

for Infinite Grace over at Post Abortion Journey (and for her daughter, of course), on the anniversary of her abortion.  Please drop by and tell her you are praying for her.  May God bless her and her child, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. [Read more...]

Fr. Denis Lemieux…

reflects on our fear of death, the craziness it drives us to, and the liberation Christ offers us from that fear. [Read more...]

The Troll…

continues to crack me up. [Read more...]

And speaking of new blogs…

Dan F. has a nice meditation on the relationship of faith and works over at Creative Fidelity. [Read more...]

Dr. Leroy Huizenga….

…is one of my favorite people. And now he has a blog! Check thou it out! [Read more...]

Another reason to read Creative Minority Report

They just picked up Nicole DeMille as a writer. I love her. [Read more...]

New Blog!

A reader writes: A friend of mine, Brandon Vogt, suggested I share with you two blogs that I am involved with to seek your promotional aid. + The first is a Year of Faith blog/website that a friend of mine and I developed to prep for, and celebrate, the YOF. This blog posts every other day with [Read More...]

The Emperor Decrees!

As the Internet’s Leading Dark Lord, I extend professional courtesy and respect to the Internet’s Emperor, particularly when he issues draconian edicts I happen to agree with. Obey him without question. [Read more...]

Speaking of Tom Kreitzberg’s Disputations blog…

Here’s the Disputations Challenge! Here’s how it works: Register at Vote in the 2012 general election. For each election decided by your vote, I will send you $10. To register, just leave a comment below with your name, zip code, and the state and Congressional districts in which you live. If any of the [Read More...]