Kevin O’Brien points out the bleedin’ obvious…

…again. [Read more…]

Now It’s the Progressives’ Turn to Go Off on Simcha Fisher

So a couple of weeks ago, Simcha Fisher made the commonsense observation that if you deny or make excuses for the murder of millions of Jews by the Nazis (you know, “It never happened and besides they deserved it”, that sort of thing), then you have parted company with all decency and sanity. Naturally, this [Read More…]

One of the Riddles of the Universe…

is “Why are you reading me when you could be reading Marc Barnes?” Here, let me help cut that Gordian Knot right now. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the inimitable Marc Barnes, who just can’t write badly. As Dan Savage might say: It gets better. [Read more…]

The Other Fr. Z….

…looks at the Lord’s Day. [Read more…]

Refreshing Common Sense

…from Fr. Jacob Maurer, who lives just down the road in Tacoma!  Nice to make your virtual acquaintance, Fr. Maurer! [Read more…]

Nicole DeMille…

…offers a different kind of Top Ten. I like that gal.  Her head is screwed on right.  We need a million more like her. [Read more…]

Jimmy Akin Does a Fine Job…

…of looking at the question of Jorge Bergoglio and the morality of lying.  A very judicious take.  Well done! By the way, just so you know, my thought experiment on Ubergruppenfuehrer Todt was written and posted hours before I saw Jimmy’s comments. [Read more…]

How Did John C. Wright Make the Journey From Hard-Boiled Atheist to Catholic?

He tells us here, in a fascinating tale. I love this guy. [Read more…]

How I love Marc Barnes

Here he is, being fantastic, as is his custom: “I used to call myself a conservative Catholic, because there’s only so many times a man can hear Nancy Pelosi say that her “Catholic faith” urges her to support abortion before he’s flipping tables, setting himself on fire, and otherwise striving to make a distinction between [Read More…]

A Fellow Flynn Fan Effuses

A reader writes: 1)      I enjoy your work even when I disagree with you; your friendly and lucid writing style help bring Biblical ideas and Church thought to my attention – which ultimately brings me closer to Christ – for that I thank you Thanks! 2)      Your post on the Church and science is near [Read More…]