Brandon Vogt Interviews Dr. Helen Alvare

About the upcoming Humanum conference. [Read more...]

Ran a brief note last week on contradictory atheist rhetorical strategies

Since then, atheists have shown up in droves to help fill the comboxes up with over 300 comments, making super clear that they are so *over* Him. Now they stay up till all hours watching the Oxygen Network and eating huge bowls of ice cream, not thinking about Him. Stay strong, bros! The thread has [Read More...]

Kevin O’Brien writes…

To answer a reader’s cry, “I ask this seriously with all my lonely, despairing heart: how do I make myself kiss him? (And, more importantly, enjoy his companionship when I just don’t?)” – I end up telling the story of my life. [Read more...]

Ben at Two Catholic Men has some Mathematical Weirdness

…for you to play around with. I believe mathematics to be a form of witchcraft or magic of some kind. I do not understand it. Therefore I fear it and wish to lash out blindly and destroy it. All English majors are like this. [Read more...]

The Argument from Motion, Part III

…in which the invaluable Mike Flynn continues his discussion of St. Thomas first demonstration of the existence of God. Caution, Nu Atheists: Flynn prefers using his intellect to your habit of merely worshipping it. Go here and here to catch up with the discussion. [Read more...]

Bill Doino, Jr. on La Popessa…

…over at First Things. [Read more...]

Mackerel Snapper is Back on the Air!

…writing about being a living parable. Check thou it out! [Read more...]

Fr. Kevin Mohan writes about Grace Before Full Plates

…over at his blog. [Read more...]

Te Deum Laudamus…

has the scoop on the recent 15th Call to Holiness Conference, replete with Solemn High Mass Photos; Audio and Video [Read more...]

The invaluable Amy Welborn…

…on, among other things, the daft Church/State financial arrangments in Germany and how that provides vital background to the stuff the German bishops are doing and saying. I also like this quintessentially Welbornian clarity of thought about the media’s hyperfocus on Cdl. Kasper: (Well, first you should be wondering why the head of a national church [Read More...]