Scott Eric Alt Find a Hilarious Quote

…for the benefit of Super Duper Catholic Francis Haters: “When we love the pope, we do not say he has not spoken clearly enough” — Pius X Bwahahahahaha!!! [Read more…]

What good is the “Christian” part…

…of Christian meditation? Well, if you think meditation is merely the process of emptying the mind, then nothing.  But if, as Christians do, you think meditation is the process of clearing the mind of earthly junk so that you can meditate on God fully revealed in the life, death, passion, and resurrection of the Son [Read More…]

“I don’t know who you are, but you’re welcome to stay”

Simcha Fisher’s heartbreakingly beautiful piece about her mom, suffering from dementia and unable to remember almost anything–except how to love the children and friends she can no longer recognize.  What a blessed family to have such a mother!  This is a living illustration of everything the Church speaks of about training ourselves in habits of [Read More…]

Chris Lansdown is thinking…

…about beetles and God. An Anglican priest once asked atheist JBS Haldane what we could know about God by looking at nature. Haldane replied, “He appears to have an inordinate fascination with beetles.” Haldane’s reply, of course, depended his somehow knowing what an ordinate fascination with beetles would be and assuming that mere numbers were [Read More…]

William Doino on Mercy…

…in a world gone mad. In a related vein, he takes on the increasingly deranged Francis-haters. And he takes a look at the new film about Mother Teresa. Speaking of which, the Los Angeles Times, likes it. [Read more…]

Prolife Protip

Pewlady reminds us: Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. [Read more…]

Why you need to read more Michael Flynn

I was going to post just a quote, but then I thought, “Nah, I’ll steal the whole vignette and then send youse guys over to his blog to see all the other great stuff: Bad News for God, or Someone Flashing point shows relative position of Earth 2.0 Meanwhile, in other news, a marine biologist [Read More…]

The Physics of Popes

I’M NOT SORRY!  I’M NOT SORRY!! [Read more…]

Mary, Miracles, and God’s Purposes

…are being pondered by the Mackerel Snapper. [Read more…]

The Inadequacy of Consent

Sensible Thomism from James Chastek on why it is a fundamental postmodern to imagine that consent is the sole criterion of the good. [Read more…]