Jimmy Akin Does a Fine Job…

…of looking at the question of Jorge Bergoglio and the morality of lying.  A very judicious take.  Well done! By the way, just so you know, my thought experiment on Ubergruppenfuehrer Todt was written and posted hours before I saw Jimmy’s comments. [Read more…]

How Did John C. Wright Make the Journey From Hard-Boiled Atheist to Catholic?

He tells us here, in a fascinating tale. I love this guy. [Read more…]

How I love Marc Barnes

Here he is, being fantastic, as is his custom: “I used to call myself a conservative Catholic, because there’s only so many times a man can hear Nancy Pelosi say that her “Catholic faith” urges her to support abortion before he’s flipping tables, setting himself on fire, and otherwise striving to make a distinction between [Read More…]

A Fellow Flynn Fan Effuses

A reader writes: 1)      I enjoy your work even when I disagree with you; your friendly and lucid writing style help bring Biblical ideas and Church thought to my attention – which ultimately brings me closer to Christ – for that I thank you Thanks! 2)      Your post on the Church and science is near [Read More…]

A Blog for an Irish Ordinariate

Fr. O writes: I have recently set up a blog to promote the idea of setting up an Ordinariate in Ireland and provide a forum for those interested. Perhaps you’d take a look & if you like what you see, do what you can to help spread the word? The Ordinariate in Australia have already [Read More…]

Nice Little Piece

…explaining Thomas’ Five Ways of demonstrating the existence of God and showing the underlying unity of those ways. Drury also offers a nice take on Dawkins’ arguments from probability. [Read more…]

One of the many advantages of being Catholic

…is the fact that a connection to the past keeps you from thinking that the troubles of your tiny slice of history are utterly unprecedented and a cause for despair. The world has always been going to hell in a handbasket. That’s why the very first Christians said, “Save yourselves from this corrupt generation.” [Read more…]

Catholic Stand…

…has a new post up on the impotence of current Catholic engagement with politics and some noodlings about a new approach. [Read more…]

Ancilla Domini reflects on Kermit Gosnell

…over at Post-Abortion Walk. [Read more…]

The Semi-Permeable Membrane of the Various Protestantisms

Elizabeth Scalia is bumping up against one of the standard ploys used in Protestantism for ignoring historic Christian teaching. I described the sleight-of-hand several years ago: Retention of Catholic Sacred Tradition fragments has kept Protestantism in such sanity as it still possesses. So when the Bible Answer Man appeals to “historic Christianity” in understanding what [Read More…]