Kevin O’Brien reflects…

…on Chesterton’s remark that, “The one hell which  imagination must conceive as most hellish is to be eternally acting a play without even the narrowest and dirtiest greenroom in which to be human.” [Read more…]

Catholic Convo asks the Musical Question…

“Where are the boundaries for Youth Ministry?” [Read more…]

Infinite Grace

continues her post-abortion walk. [Read more…]

Excellent, Julian Barkin!

Thanks for being a voice for sane and healthy Traditionalism!  Fight the good fight and God bless your work in the Vineyard! [Read more…]

God bless Simcha Fisher

This about sums it up: Holocaust deniers are all either morons, or mentally ill, or evil. All of them. It’s one of those things for which there is no excuse — one of those things from which sane and decent people run away screaming, without stopping to stroke their chins and saying, “Hm, yes, hm, [Read More…]

Otaku Catholic is on the air!

A “None” turned Catholic who has been experiencing her Faith through anime, film, books, and all other forms of beauty since 2003. Check thou it out! [Read more…]

Clash of the Canonical Titans

Ed Peters responds to some of Pete Vere’s FB comments on the Great Foot-Washing Hysteria that I published here. This is rapidly getting too granular for a schlub like me to follow. But for those who want to get into the question at a molecular level, knock yourself out. Ed and Pete are both good [Read More…]

God Love Terry Nelson

What a dose of sanity and charity that guy is. [Read more…]

Another Terrific Essay….

…by the endlessly fun and educational Michael Flynn. Everybody should read him.  The world is a vastly richer and smarter place because of him. [Read more…]

Interesting Piece by Melinda Selmys

She is a chaste and faithful same sex attracted woman who has become a Catholic and chosen to pursue heterosexual marriage.  She writes here on how to speak to (and about) homosexuality. But Mark, you’ve been plenty critical of gays too.  Sure.  I write defenses of the Church’s teaching against militant gays who attack it.  But I’ve also [Read More…]