Iowahawk Raises Literary Parody…

…to an art form. Here is his reading from the Book of Barack. And, from a couple of years back, his Chaucerization of the plight of the Archbishop of Canterbury as the Country that Used to Be England tries to face down the inferno of the inflamed spirituality of Radical Islam with the squirt gun [Read More...]

Jack Palance

Ignatian Spiritual Retreat Director [Read more...]

Interesting Conversation about Demons

A few days ago, Fr. Dwight Longenecker put up a little piece noodling the question of whether a mass murderer might by diagnosed by an exorcist as demonically possessed, and looking at the general way in which priests who do that sort of ministry try to make evaluations, etc.  It’s a side of life most [Read More...]

The Troll Who Is Not a Goblin…

…continues to hold forth in his own inimitable fashion on such burning topics as Mel Gibson, modesty, the evils of Vatican II, hamsters, and, er, regularity in the life of the Truly True Catholic. This is perhaps the most inside baseball boutique humor blog on the planet. Hilariously funny, but only to a population about [Read More...]

God Bless Pat Archbold

He wrestles with his conscience and his conscience wins. Deliberately killing innocent human beings is always wrong and can never be morally justified. Even when we do it. [Read more...]

Nice to see theology done well

Brett Salkeld offers a measured, thoughtful, and very orthodox analysis of “Heresy and the Eucharist”. I particularly appreciate his sense of balance and attention to the Tradition. Kudos! Also, Mark Gordon’s terse assessment here is funny, as are his brusque evicerations of the liberal racists in the comboxes who attempt to make excuses for this [Read More...]

Matthew Archbold kills me

Here he is, reaching into a deep treasure trove of cultural kitsch to teach the elementary lesson that he who marries the current fashion will soon be a widower. It is the decreed fate of Christians, ordained by God Almighty, that those who will not fearlessly create culture without regard for what is trendy and [Read More...]

New (on a Geologic Timescale) Blog!

Congrats to the Curt Jester on 10 years! [Read more...]

Ed Feser Notes Something I’ve Noticed Too

Namely, that an awful lot of atheist rhetoric is just sort of Protestant rhetoric on steroids. An interesting discussion follows in which he traces his reasons for abandoning atheistic materialism and returning to theism and the Catholic Faith. What is remarkable here, in contrast to so much of the rhetoric of the New Atheists is [Read More...]

The Weapons of Our Warfare

Fantastic story over on Al Kresta’s site: Not long ago, Gerry Brundage nervously signed up to lead a local 40 Days for Life campaign in his community of Sherman, Texas. He wasn’t sure if people would join their vigil outside of the local Planned Parenthood, or if they would see any results … but Gerry [Read More...]

Nicole Motsch-DeMille…

has a lovely reflection on what she is learning about taking her place in the Body of Christ. [Read more...]

Infinite Grace…

…continues her post-abortion walk after her retreat and share her thoughts here. [Read more...]