God bless Simcha Fisher

This about sums it up: Holocaust deniers are all either morons, or mentally ill, or evil. All of them. It’s one of those things for which there is no excuse — one of those things from which sane and decent people run away screaming, without stopping to stroke their chins and saying, “Hm, yes, hm, [Read More…]

Otaku Catholic is on the air!

A “None” turned Catholic who has been experiencing her Faith through anime, film, books, and all other forms of beauty since 2003. Check thou it out! [Read more…]

Clash of the Canonical Titans

Ed Peters responds to some of Pete Vere’s FB comments on the Great Foot-Washing Hysteria that I published here. This is rapidly getting too granular for a schlub like me to follow. But for those who want to get into the question at a molecular level, knock yourself out. Ed and Pete are both good [Read More…]

God Love Terry Nelson

What a dose of sanity and charity that guy is. [Read more…]

Another Terrific Essay….

…by the endlessly fun and educational Michael Flynn. Everybody should read him.  The world is a vastly richer and smarter place because of him. [Read more…]

Interesting Piece by Melinda Selmys

She is a chaste and faithful same sex attracted woman who has become a Catholic and chosen to pursue heterosexual marriage.  She writes here on how to speak to (and about) homosexuality. But Mark, you’ve been plenty critical of gays too.  Sure.  I write defenses of the Church’s teaching against militant gays who attack it.  But I’ve also [Read More…]

The Death of Catholicism…

ponders the death of Facebook. [Read more…]

Why are you reading me and not Amy Welborn?

Here she is, offering her customary sanity on the pontificates of Benedict and Francis: The red shoes – so maligned even by Catholics who should know better – are a symbol of blood.  Blood , people.  The blood of the martyrs and the blood of Christ on which His vicar stands, and through him, all [Read More…]

A Catholic School Teacher Laments the Fact…

that Catholic schools are a dangerous place for enthusiastic Catholics who love the Catechism and Encyclicals. [Read more…]

Ken Mafli posts an interview with a Lutheran theologian named Andrew Root

I don’t know Mr. Root, but Ken writes to ask me what I think of his comment that “Theology is only theology when it becomes dangerous, when it threatens to leave us limping by exposing our motives to the action of God.” On the whole, I agree with this. After all, our theology is about [Read More…]