The Invaluable Marc Barnes…

systematically dismantles the unreality and lies purveyed by the Guttmacher Institute. [Read more...]

Msgr. Charles Pope dismantles a tedious meme

The lie that the “true sin of Sodom” was “inhospitality”. As Scott Hahn pointed out to me in passing once years ago, the threat of homosexual gang rape is a particularly acute form of inhospitality. The attempt to wring some sort of glorious affirmation of gay sex out of Scripture is the work of liars [Read More...]

This tells you how seldom I read the Reporter

When I read “National Catholic Reporter endorses women priests” my first thought was, “Didn’t they do that years ago?” Apparently not.  So now they’ve come out and said what it was obvious they’ve been telegraphing for 30 years.  It’s good to have clarity on their doomed dedication to something that Ain’t  Gonna Happen and their [Read More...]

Fr. Dwight Longenecker…

…on the tragedy of Anglicanism and the war in its heart between believing Christianity to be a revelation or a mere cultural coalition. I owe a debt that cannot be paid to a number of Anglican thinkers, including Lewis, Sayers, Williams and John Donne. Still, I can’t help thinking they would all be Catholics today [Read More...]

Over at Standing on my Head…

Fr. Longenecker is having an interesting conversation with an Evangelical who is ripe for the engagement with the Catholic tradition that Sherry Weddell is describing in Forming Intentional Disciples. Forming Intentional Disciples, if I have not mentioned it lately, is one of the most important books in English for the Church facing the challenge of [Read More...]

Dang! That’s good!

“Both the Christian and the Atheist stand before death and make an act of faith — the atheist that he knows the unknowable, and the Christian that he expects the unexpected.” – BadCatholic [Read more...]

Frank Schaeffer Continues to Disappoint

His reply to me, for instance, is deeply disappointing. My point, of course, was not (as he insinuates) to threaten violence, but to point out the folly of his guest poster saying “A life that can be taken is a life that is aware it can be took”. If that’s the case, then killing a sleeping or [Read More...]

Mike Flynn on the Courage…

…of the Late Modern Intellectual. With incredible daring, some member of the chattering classes attacks the Blessed Virgin Mary while other members of the Chattering Classes marvel that Evangelicals are not offended at this swipe at Marian piety. Naturally, much self-congratulation at their own courage ensues. [Read more...]

This is Fun

Mike Flynn, when he is not busy writing great science fiction that will be read for many years to come, is a statistician by trade.  His specialty being the contemplation of things like “randomness” and “chance” and other such things, he has been afforded an opportunity to think about the hoo hah that typically accompanies [Read More...]

Marc Barnes is fantastic

Here’s his typically insightful (and in this case, Ecclesiastesesque) post on the consequences of limiting one’s horizons to a nature that has been, as Paul says, subjected to futility. [T]he modern world sees destruction as something bold, brave and ballsy. We see sin — always destructive — as a solid in an otherwise watery universe.  [Read More...]