Today’s Golden Platter Moment for Fiction Writers

Mike Flynn, one of the best fiction writers in the world, has very kindly begun a little series on “How to Write Fiction” on his blog. The first two installments are here and here. I am taking notes. Fun and informative stuff. [Read more...]

The Invaluable Marc Barnes…

applies the tenderizing mallet of his inimitable prose to what remains of the indigestible gristle of credibility that is Catholics for a Free Choice. Verdict: Aging geezers: Zero. Barnes for the win. That kid is all kinds of awesome. [Read more...]

Christian Ohnimus throws a spanner in the works…

…of the GOP’s attempt to gin up the de rigeur “YOU HAVE TO VOTE FOR OUR GUY BECAUSE WE ARE THE LAST BEST HOPE FOR A CULTURE OF LIFE!!!!!” election year bunkum. He is is a fine young Catholic man, simply trying to evaluate Romney in light of the Church’s actual teaching: I’m working on [Read More...]

Fr. Denis Lemieux…

on Pope Benedict’s first encyclical Deus Caritas Est and his masterful analysis of eros and agape, and the perils of separating them. [Read more...]

Leah Libresco…

…my favorite atheist, asks for help with her Ideological Turing Test: I’ve got all the Christian Round answers up and now I need Christians to judge them! Last year, you were a big help recruiting participants. Here’s the precis of how this works: In a normal Turing Test, people try and write a computer program [Read More...]

Jimmy Akin writes about Ray Bradbury…

…in a way that makes me love Jimmy Akin and Ray Bradbury even more. [Read more...]

Tim Shipe is an honest man

A former Democrat who is as disillusioned with his party as I am with the GOP warns that Obama is working wilfully to undermine and attack the hierarchy of the Church. I concur. The only Catholics Obama likes are Catholics who hate the Church. [Read more...]

Shout out to John C. Wright

Today, June 1, is both St. Justin Martyr’s Feast Day (Wright’s patron) and the birthday of Roland (Wright’s 12-year-old son). As a Founding Member of the Wright/Shea Mutual Admiration Society (whose membership requirements are so stringent and secret that you cannot possibly hope to make the cut and I would have to kill you if [Read More...]

Tim Shipe is an Israelite in Whom There is No Guile

Here he is, calling for orthodox Catholics of any political persuasion to come and reason together. I love the guy. [Read more...]

Terry Nelson offers…

…a profound correction. He is another ornament of the Church. [Read more...]

It Shouldn’t be the Case that Somebody Like This has to Be Described as “Courageous”

A reader writes: After learning last week of a married transsexual who publicly dresses in standard men’s attire because he doesn’t want to embarrass his wife, I decided it’s time. A clinical psychologist friend has been urging me for several years to write of my experiences as the ex-wife of a homosexual – a huge [Read More...]

One of my favorite bloggers…

Terry Nelson, takes issue with the notion of chaste gay folk as “victim souls”. I can see his point (Terry is himself a chaste SSA guy) and can understand his leeriness at making the whole business the focal point of one’s life by perpetually dwelling on it, instead of putting the focus on Jesus.  At [Read More...]