New Blog!

Catholic Unity is seeking Catholic Unity, which is a worthwhile thing to seek, given that Jesus prayed for it in John 17. [Read more...]

Very interesting essay by Patrick Deneen…

…over at the very much worth reading Front Porch Republic, asking, “Is there a conservative tradition in America?” [Read more...]

Pat Archbold is the Real Deal

Here is why I love the man. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be satisfied. [Read more...]

Leah Libresco offers a beautiful and quirky reflection…

three days out from her baptism, on Bartimaeus and Stephen Sondheim. Just because I’m a tiresome pedant, I replied to her: Two things are also worth noting about this narrative. First, it’s very significant that Bartimaeus is *named* by the evangelist. This is the convention in ancient historiography in identifying the source of the the [Read More...]

I caught Dawn Eden on the Journey Home the other night

If you missed it, you can go here and not only see the Youtube, but check out Dawn’s new blog here at Patheos. [Read more...]

Praying for Leaders

I always thought John Wayne had the right idea when elections didn’t go his way. Of JFK he said, “I didn’t vote for him. But he’s my president and I hope he does a good job.” That seems to me to be quintessentially patriotic American and Christian response. Fr. Damick takes a different tack, supporting [Read More...]

Over at God and the Machine…

Tom McDonald rips the lid off the seamy underbelly of the stinking weed of the siren song of corruption in the garden of mixed metaphors as he chronicles the unvarnished truth about his experiences with Patheosi bloggers and similar unsavory types who recently met to drink alcohol and other liquid things in Baltimore. There was [Read More...]

A lovely blog…

full of trust in God. What’s not to love? [Read more...]

The Other Fr. Z…

has another lovely post up: As a priest for over nine years, the only sufficient response for my participation in this legacy of love is gratitude. [Read more...]

It is not a fact…

…that Mike Flynn will one day be hailed as one of the greatest writers of the early 21st century.  But it is true. [Read more...]