Fellow Blessed Sacramentertarianitonian Kevin Birnbaum writes

I’ve got a new blog I’m calling “the candle.” The tagline is “A hodgepodge of beauty, truth, and goodness,” and my posting philosophy is “at least one beautiful thing each day” — in both words and images, including original photography. So far I’ve got posts on sacred art, astronomy, Gerard Manley Hopkins, genocide survival, Scripture, the Catechism, and [Read More...]

A blog by a 90 year old priest

is cool. Here’s his bio on Wikipedia if you’re curious. [Read more...]

John C. Wright vs. the Kook

There are sound reasons not to vote for Romney. John C. Wright gets mail from a reader who manages to not articulate a single one of them. Meanwhile, John–like Dale Price–articulates an honorable pro-Romney position I respect but don’t share. As co-founder of the Wright/Shea Mutual Admiration Society, one of the pleasures of our ale-drinking [Read More...]

Zippy Catholic…

…continues to think and provoke his readers to think. As long as I’ve been reading him he has tended to provoke lots of reactions like “Shut up” but precious few reactions like “You’re wrong and here is my well-reasoned rebuttal of your position.” [Read more...]

Kevin O’Brien’s Poet…

…gets a job and goes to jail. [Read more...]

Goody! Somebody else wants the world to know…

…how truly despicable I am for not hosting them in an abuse fest at my expense on my own blog. Happily, this disgruntled reader has his own blog and, as is my custom, I joyfully refer you there if you feel a burning need to join with him in celebrating the supreme evilness of my eviltudinosity. Also, [Read More...]

Fr. Denis Lemieux begs to differ…

…with the Tyranny of Nice in his native Canada. Oppressive regimes start to change when their subjects make an interior resolve to live as if: as if their rights come from God and not the state, as if the simply will not suppress their conscience no matter what the state says, as if they are [Read More...]

The very gifted Hank Meldrum…

…is a 15 year old guy with a healthy taste for comics and other geekdom who is also pondering the things of the Spirit in very promising ways. Check thou him out! [Read more...]

Infinite Grace…

…continues her Post-Abortion Walk. [Read more...]

Reader Hezekiah Garrett….

…is really quite a fine writer and describes an unlikely encounter with grace in a deeply broken soul. [Read more...]