New Blog!

An interesting one by a Christian with hemophilia. [Read more...]

Lizzie Scalia is about to discover the truth of Chesterton’s remark

“It takes three to make a quarrel.  The full potentialities of human fury cannot be fully realized until a friend tactfully intervenes.” Lizzie, you are a good egg.  And a brave one. [Read more...]

The New Chivalry

Now *that’s* the way to start a marriage. [Read more...]

The difference…

between Dan Savage and Dawn Eden–explained! Personally, I think “One bullies teens and advocates raping people he hates while the other has, you know, common decency” is the big dividing line. Oh, the fact that the former is treated with admiration by the leadership of the gay community and feted with columns in the gay [Read More...]

Reader Jason Schalow writes…

My cousin (a former Christian turned skeptical atheist) and myself (a former atheist turned Catholic Christian) have agreed to have a running inter-blog discussion on the Christian concept of redemption. The Background can be found at the the following two posts. and my opening take on our first topic is here: Hopefully you will find [Read More...]

Poor Leah

I can’t help but love her. A reasonable soul and a born peacemaker who is currently living out the truth of Chesterton’s remark that “It takes three to make a quarrel. The full potentialities of human fury cannot be fully realized until a friend tactfully intervenes.” Sorry for making your life hell this week, Leah. [Read more...]

Fr. Denis Lemieux writes…

I am blogging these days about one of your perennial subjects, namely ecclesial obedience and the challenge to live in this obedience always and not just when it suits us. My point of entry is the Pope’s Chrism Mass homily, where he tackled the question of dissent very directly with his usual lucidity. The links [Read More...]

A striking combox comment

A few years back, Cardinal Ratzinger wrote a letter explaining that, in the act of voting, a person might vote for a politician who advocates grave intrinsic evil if he thinks there is a proportional reason for doing so. The letter was, of course, seized upon by certain conservative Catholics as a justification for supporting [Read More...]

Leah Libresco replies…

…to my Dan Savage post with a typically thoughtful response that is refreshingly narcissism-free. Readers will note that the tag on this post, though it deals with homosexuality, has nothing to do with Brownshirts. That’s because Leah does not behave like a bullying thug. This should make clear my first point: which is that I [Read More...]

There Could be Only One Thing Better Than a Lecture on Science Fiction from John C. Wright…

That would be a lecture by John C. Wright on Science Fiction in which he both quotes Mike Flynn and relates the whole thing to the Catholic worldview (partly because he is himself Catholic and partly because he is exhorting a bunch of young Catholic geeks at Franciscan University to put all the awesome geekiness [Read More...]

Leah Libresco responds

here to my  post the other day.  In the process, she illustrates why I can’t help but like her. [Read more...]

Wait! But… you said… how can… what?!

That’s the response I anticipate as I link to Fr. Dwight Longenecker’s account of seeing the sun spin at Medjugorje, in which he registers his (understandably) more favorable view of the claimed apparitions there. Why do I link it when I am obviously skeptical about the claims being made for a Marian apparitions there? Several [Read More...]