Garry Wills, Apostate, vs. Stephen Colbert, Catechist

The Colbert ReportGet More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,Video Archive In his weird subversive way, Colbert reaches more people with actual catechesis than almost any figure in the media. Wills, meantime, is completely off the deep end when it comes to Augustine’s views on the Eucharist, his dismissal of Hebrews, and his [Read More…]

The Troll Explains the Hidden History of our Time

If you want to know the *real* reason Papa Benedict resigned, look no further. Don’t forget to vote for Troll as Sexiest Catholic Blogger Alive. [Read more…]

Whether St. Thomas is Boring?

Here in the Age of Utter Credulity, we are often informed by people who get all their information from the Interwebz that medievals like St. Thomas were “superstitious” while we now live in the Age of Reason. The way you can tell we live in the Age of Reason is twofold. First, we are technologically [Read More…]

The Invaluable Sarah Reinhard writes…

I was wondering if you might be able to help promote an initiative we’re doing over at We’re trying to get a listing of pregnancy centers together in order to provide them with copies of my pregnancy book, free of charge. Here’s the preview of the post: It goes live at 6 AM Pacific [Read More…]

When You Hit Bottom, Don’t Keep Digging

Eliana Johnson explains why it was stroke of genius to attack Obama for calling the Holocaust “senseless violence” and announces that her critics only bear out her opinion of her own brilliance. Here, let me help.  I don’t think Johnson really set out to defend the Nazis.  She’s on record, after all, as mocking Holocaust [Read More…]

Very Refreshing

Good to see some discernment being exercised. Ironically, the author, who is basically a Latin Mass Traditionalist, is getting savaged as a Damn Librul[TM] in some quarters (notably on Facebook) for pointing out the very serious dangers of this demagoguery, which pretty much illustrates what I’m talking about in terms of lack of discernment on the [Read More…]

I love Dale Price

I’ve loved him for years. Clear-headed. True as a bell. Hilariously funny. A gifted writer who should really give up this whole lawyer gig and become a writer because the world needs him and, I’m guessing, appears to him in dreams in the form of a woman in rags begging him to come and rescue [Read More…]

Don’t Forget to Vote for the Troll

the one who is not a Goblin, for the Best Catholic Blog! That is all! [Read more…]

Kevin O’Brien Knows All This Interesting Stuff I Don’t Know

Here he is on some 19th century priest dude who didn’t pan out well. It always fascinates me to hear about entire lives that have been lived that I’ve never even heard of. I wonder how Kevin finds this stuff. [Read more…]

I love Leah Libresco…

…even when she’s wrong. Here she is, being wrong about civil unions. Why do I think she’s wrong? Well, when the Pope’s agin it, the bishops are agin it, and the logic of what the word “marriage” means is agin, I’m agin it.  For me, the insuperable question is “What is marriage?” and the answer [Read More…]