Zippy Catholic proposes a new canonization…

St. Compromise, prey for us. [Read more...]

I like John Zmirak as a general rule

…but this and his comments to Erin, Tom K., and Zippy was not his finest hour. The simple truth is that the Church calls us to vote to limit evil. It does not demand that we vote for the Lesser of Two Evils candidate. The Church merely says we can vote the lesser of two evils [Read More...]

It’s hard to decide which is funnier

Simcha Fisher, who is hilarious because she means to be, or her commenters, a great many of whom are hilarious without meaning to be. [Read more...]

Reader Hezekiah Garrett…

…has started his own blog.  Check thou it out! [Read more...]

Kevin O’Brien on Dorothy L. Sayers…

creeds, and the death of drama. [Read more...]

A friend of mine studying at Notre Dame…

…sends along this link to a quirky tumblr blog that one of his fellow students (getting her Ph.D in liturgy) is running: Mary is My Homegirl. [Read more...]

Over at Bedlam or Parnassus…

a man is deeply grateful, and it shows in a beautiful post that you should go read right now. The best kind of giving is thanksgiving. – GKC [Read more...]

Latest in the “Homosex is the Source and Summit of Good in the Universe” News

A reader writes about the new California law that conflates sexual orientation and activity: I wasn’t upset about the new CA law until I actually read the text of it. As advertised on the news, it is about attempts to turn gay teens straight, reparative therapy, etc., which as a catholic I don’t so much [Read More...]

Spiritual Diabetes

It’s an interesting metaphor from an interesting blog: Spoilt for choice, Americans consume spirituality in copious amounts but still lead sedentary religious lives. Consequently we do not burn the “calories”—intellectually, liturgically, or simply living the Christian life. This caloric deluge creates a diabetic condition wherein the spiritual diabetic suffers a great thirst for all things [Read More...]

Leah Libresco on LARPing and conversion

LARPing (Live Action Role Playing for all you non-Geeks) is basically a new form of combined gaming and storytelling (think D and D) in which you get to inhabit your character’s skin.  Fundamentalists were greatly exercised about all this some years back, since stuff with magic and spells  and stuff was regarded as pure evil [Read More...]