Erin Manning Makes a Good Point

When a Catholic school punishes a teacher for being pregnant out of wedlock by firing her, three things are communicated: 1) The Church doesn’t really believe all that mercy stuff; 2) The Church doesn’t really believe in supporting women in crisis pregnancies and they might as well abort for all we care; 3) What matters [Read More…]

Ideologues see diagrams, not human beings

Kevin O’Brien writes: On a recent blog post, I said, “The economy was made for man, not man for the economy.” Reader Manny replied, “The economy is not made for man … If you find it flawed, then fix mankind.” Virtually every monstrous evil inflicted on the human race in the past century was committed [Read More…]

New blog!

Reader Scott Alt writes: Since I’m seeing others do so, I thought I’d drop you a line to shamelessly plug my own new blog. I recently converted to the Catholic Church from Protestantism (in 2011). The blog is called Logos & Muse–I blog about apologetics, broadly conceived to include both logical defense of Catholic teachings, [Read More…]

The Irrepressible Brandon Vogt…

recently posted a couple items youse guys might be interested in: (Video) Interview with      Fr. Barron – On Pope Benedict XVI and Jesus of Nazareth: The      Infancy Narratives 8 Books on J.R.R.      Tolkien’s Catholicism Check thou it out, dudes and dudettes! [Read more…]

Shipwrack Harvest is a lovely blog

…written by a fine priest. [Read more…]

Man Fully Alive

is a new blog on the block: Long time reader John Rogers writes: I started a few weeks ago, Man Fully Alive: Here’s a little bit about us: Man Fully Alive was launched in January 2013. Our writers, podcasters, and videographers are on a simple mission: to seek out signs of hope in human life [Read More…]

One of the many reasons God must allow Tom McDonald to live forever

…is so that he can go on finding stuff like this to write about–and then write about it. [Read more…]

There are many reasons I love John C. Wright

Among them are fear, surprise, and a fanatical devotion to the Pope. But that’s not important right now. Today, the reasons include his ability to compose sentences like this: I frankly admit that I am sick to death of vampires as portrayed as protagonists in stories. They are properly villains and vermin, antagonists to be [Read More…]

New Blog!

Reader Debra Corcoran writes: My husband and I, since we became Catholic, have been involved off and in at a marriage ministry at our church parish. It is something close to both our hearts. Most recently he’s felt inspired to try to write a blog for Catholic husbands to help them make their marriages stronger. [Read More…]

Infinite Grace continues her Post Abortion Walk

and reminds us how much post-abortive women struggle this time of year.  Give her a read and pray for her and all post-abortive women. [Read more…]