Nicole DeMille gets it

Part of seeing is being able to see.  But just as important is being willing to see. [Read more…]

New Blog!

Renee Lin is a convert from Thomas Road (Jerry Falwell) Baptist Church to the Catholic faith. She converted 10 years ago but just started blogging. Check thou her out! [Read more…]

Ancilla Domini…

…finds grace in all places. [Read more…]

St. Joseph…

…often gets short shift.  Tricia Christ gives him his due.  Plus, “Cows in Pickup Trucks” is a great blog name. [Read more…]

Fr. Denis Lemieux…

reflects on Advent and repentance and liberation from the powers and principalities of our present age. [Read more…]

The Troll…

interviews Marc Barnes.  Hilarity ensues. [Read more…]

Atheists Continue to Win Popularity Contests With Their Charm

Mike Flynn relates the following tales of atheist social imbecility: A headline from the Puffington Host informs us that in the on-going struggle to ensure that no one ever enjoys a benefit not enjoyed by everyone else [see single weddings, above] Prudhomme’s Lost Cajun Kitchen Must Offer Atheists Its Church-Goer Discount, State Rules How a [Read More…]

The Troll…

…celebrates heretic-punching, with his customary hilarious results. [Read more…]

The Invaluable Marc Barnes…

systematically dismantles the unreality and lies purveyed by the Guttmacher Institute. [Read more…]

Msgr. Charles Pope dismantles a tedious meme

The lie that the “true sin of Sodom” was “inhospitality”. As Scott Hahn pointed out to me in passing once years ago, the threat of homosexual gang rape is a particularly acute form of inhospitality. The attempt to wring some sort of glorious affirmation of gay sex out of Scripture is the work of liars [Read More…]