Leah Libresco on LARPing and conversion

LARPing (Live Action Role Playing for all you non-Geeks) is basically a new form of combined gaming and storytelling (think D and D) in which you get to inhabit your character’s skin.  Fundamentalists were greatly exercised about all this some years back, since stuff with magic and spells  and stuff was regarded as pure evil [Read More...]

Mike Flynn Remarks…

on all and sundry in that droll way he has. Highly amusing. [Read more...]

David Alexander asks the Musical Question

What is Mary’s Political Theory? Whatever it is, casting down  the mighty in their arrogance and lifting up the meek and the lowly doesn’t sound a lot like Republican dogma–0r Dem practice when funding Planned Parenthood or meeting peaceful prayer with police state jackboots. Our Ruling Class doesn’t care about you.  Stop kidding yourself that [Read More...]

It’s International Blasphemy Day

And Leah Libresco is still a little confused about how someone can freely and consciously choose to *profane* something if they don’t presuppose it’s holy. Answer: They can’t. As Chesterton observed, nobody blasphemes Thor. Blasphemy always tells you about what a culture holds sacred. And the people who are celebrating Blasphemy Day have their own [Read More...]

Inspired by John C. Wright’s story…

here, the awesomely gifted Alisha DeFreitas over at Far Above Rubies, tells her story of her brush with the Culture of Death and her refusal to play the world’s game. I love that she gives two well-aimed upraised middle fingers: one to the abortion culture of the Left, and one to the Randian Makers vs. [Read More...]

Latest Real Jesus, after brief abortive marriage…

gets quicky divorce. Tom McDonald has been following the media hype as it devolved from Shattering Revelation to Nine Day Wonder to Houston We Have a Problem to Nothing to See Here to Autopsy. Funny stuff. When it comes to the Latest Real Jesus, the MSM never learns that it is never a New Jesus [Read More...]

Dave Armstrong has boocoo good books for sale

You can get them here and help out a good guy who is trying to serve the Kingdom. [Read more...]

Please join me in my struggle with John C. Wright

So, a couple of days ago, my son sent me a link to one of the greatest headlines of all time: “Buddhist ‘Iron Man’ Found by Nazis Is From Space” I naturally thought immediately of John C. Wright and so sent him the link saying: If you want to comment on this, the greatest headline [Read More...]

Welcome Dawn Eden!

…to Patheos! [Read more...]

Mike Flynn is one of the finest literary artists of our time

So who better to talk about art? [Read more...]