Prolife Protip

Pewlady reminds us: Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. [Read more…]

Why you need to read more Michael Flynn

I was going to post just a quote, but then I thought, “Nah, I’ll steal the whole vignette and then send youse guys over to his blog to see all the other great stuff: Bad News for God, or Someone Flashing point shows relative position of Earth 2.0 Meanwhile, in other news, a marine biologist [Read More…]

The Physics of Popes

I’M NOT SORRY!  I’M NOT SORRY!! [Read more…]

Mary, Miracles, and God’s Purposes

…are being pondered by the Mackerel Snapper. [Read more…]

The Inadequacy of Consent

Sensible Thomism from James Chastek on why it is a fundamental postmodern to imagine that consent is the sole criterion of the good. [Read more…]

Interesting Discussion of False Identity

…over at the Siris blog. [Read more…]

The Franciscan Sisters have a blog

EIEIO! Sr. Christina Neumann writes: I thought I would let you know about our blog… This past February, I started a blog on behalf of our community of Dillingen Franciscan Sisters. It is called “Our Franciscan Fiat“. In it, I cover a variety of topics pertaining to our religious life. I would appreciate it if [Read More…]

A suggestion for R.R. Reno at First Things

Mr. Reno:  Though I applaud your decision to give Maureen Mullarkey’s pope-hating blog the well-deserved ax, I think it is important to note that the level of sheer malice and batshit crazy in the comboxes announcing he ouster at First Things is, like the popularity of Donald Trump among the wreckage of what was once [Read More…]

Acts of the Apostasy Brings You Up to Speed…

… on all the monsters of the Doctor Who universe so you can know what is going on. I’m a big fan of this endlessly inventive show, but I’ve completely missed the last season or so because of busyness. Don’t involve me in the Fourth vs. Tenth Doctor: Who’s More Awesome? controversy. Besides, it was [Read More…]

Lint Hatcher on the Paradoxical Tragedy of Margaret Sanger

There is a milestone around the neck background to Sanger that should break our hearts for her: In her childhood, Margaret Sanger was a devout Christian, baptized and confirmed in secret against her father’s wishes. As Grant describes it, “She displayed a zealous devotion to spiritual things…She demonstrated a budding and apparently authentic hunger for [Read More…]