The Inimitable Fr. Bryce Sibley is blogging again

You may remember his blog, A Saintly Salmagundi.  Now he’s got a brand new groove. [Read more...]

Kevin O’Brien was Almost Murdered…

…and it taught him something about love. [Read more...]

Tom McDonald is right

The Imaginative Conservative (along with the American Conservative) has become one of the few organs of conservative opinion left that I respect. Tom writes: Ralph Nader Understands Conservatism Better Than Most “Conservatives” Probably because he wants to conserve something. [Read more...]

Heather King is Such a Refreshing Voice

Here she is on avoiding the Catholic left and right.  Huzzah! [Read more...]

Michelle Arnold Tries Her Hand…

…at speculative fiction. Check it out! [Read more...]

Oh goody! Mike Flynn has begun a new series of cool teaching!

Last year, it was his epic account of the Great Ptolemaic Smackdown, replete with juicy and fascinating sciencey stuff, history stuff, and theology stuff.  I keep hoping he will publish it as a book somewhere. And this year? Prompted by one too many Stupid Atheist Tricks from internet atheists who prefer worshipping the intellect to [Read More...]

Fighting a Just Culture War

Amen, amen, and amen. [Read more...]

Mike Flynn Goes in Psearch of the Psyche

…and returns with his customary haul of informative fun. [Read more...]

Kevin O’Brien…

…on how simple friendships show us heaven and hell. [Read more...]

It’s an honor to know Tom McDonald

Here he is, doing what every Christian in the world should do in the face of human evil: taking responsibility and turning to God for mercy instead looking around for somebody else to blame. One of the things that finally dawned on me a couple of years ago was that it was stupid to blame [Read More...]