Acts of the Apostasy Brings You Up to Speed…

… on all the monsters of the Doctor Who universe so you can know what is going on. I’m a big fan of this endlessly inventive show, but I’ve completely missed the last season or so because of busyness. Don’t involve me in the Fourth vs. Tenth Doctor: Who’s More Awesome? controversy. Besides, it was [Read More…]

Lint Hatcher on the Paradoxical Tragedy of Margaret Sanger

There is a milestone around the neck background to Sanger that should break our hearts for her: In her childhood, Margaret Sanger was a devout Christian, baptized and confirmed in secret against her father’s wishes. As Grant describes it, “She displayed a zealous devotion to spiritual things…She demonstrated a budding and apparently authentic hunger for [Read More…]

Tom McDonald writes a painful and beautiful elegy…

…to the destruction of treasures that belong to the whole human race. [Read more…]

Crisis Magazine Surveys a World Full of Sin and Evil…

…and wisely decides to run yet *another* hit piece on the threat of faithful, obedientt, holy, and chaste Catholics who are same-sex attracted. Because it’s just not enough to be faithful to the Church in thought, word and deed when you are gay. You need to be punished, accused and scolded, not for what you [Read More…]

John Paul I, the Smiling Pope…

…is remembered by Bill Doino over at First Things. [Read more…]

Here’s a Hopeful Sign

Nobody has posted to the vile Dark Enlightenment blog Occam’s Razor since March. [Read more…]

Everybody is a Bit Knotty

Sarah Maw over at the Dead Philosopher’s Society on the devotion to Our Lady Undoer of Knots. [Read more…]

The Imaginative Conservative Turned Five This Month

Go check out their fine work! [Read more…]

John Barnes is a Soldier’s Grandson

He offers a fond reminiscence of his grandfather that makes me think of my old man. Miss you, Dad. [Read more…]