Simcha Fisher’s Mother is a Hamster…

…and her father smelt of elderberries! [Read more…]

Mike Flynn Relates his Adventures with the Sidewalk

In which we learn such useful phrases as “facio-cementitious interaction” and discover the utility of the word “YAAAAAAAGH!”, as well as learning why Hindenburg hands and the Writing Life do not mix.   A sobering cautionary tale for us all. [Read more…]

New Blogger Kyle Harris…

…on being the best he can be. [Read more…]

The Imaginative Conservative has Its Head Screwed on Straight

Exhibits A and B: A good piece on C.S. Lewis by Brad Birzer A good piece warning against Leo Strauss, the false prophet of the Right     [Read more…]

Big C Catholics Likes Me! They Really Like Me!

CAEI wins a coveted New Evangelization Award for Excellence in Catholic Blogging! *Gush!  Sob!* At last I have managed to fool somebody into giving me an award!  (Seriously, thank you, Big C Catholics.  You are very kind.  And I’m honored by the company in which you place me.) Congratulations to the other bloggers, who actually [Read More…]

Is the Pope Protestant?

No.  The Church is Christian. If the notion of the Catholic faith as a living relationship with Jesus Christ sounds un-Catholic to you, you’re doing it wrong.  The entire raison d’etre of the Church is to form disciples of Jesus Christ. [Read more…]

Kanye West Needs Our Attention

…and Sherry Antonetti is going to give it to him if it kills us all.  Pretty funny stuff. [Read more…]

Cosmos in the Lost on the Folly of Continuing Iraq War Defenses

The nub is, Cardinal Ratzinger said it all: Your Eminence, a question about current events, in some way connected to the Catechism. Does the coalition war on the Iraq come within the canons of the “just war”? RATZINGER: The Pope has very clearly expressed his thoughts, not only as the thoughts of an individual, but [Read More…]

The Mackerel Snapper Blog is on the air!

The inimitable Matthew Tyson has a shiny new blog! Check thou it out! [Read more…]

Thomas Peters on Signs of Hope in the Church

Sign of Hope: The Under-35 Priest [Read more…]