Duane Mandible…

…is back on the air, confronting and exposing the heck out of everything! If you are wondering what neo-Catholics are, you’re not alone. I wondered (and still occasionally wonder) what they are, since the term is so elastic. So I once went on a search for a definition. What I eventually found to be the [Read More...]

Sherry Weddell pegs it

Enough with the Reaction to the Reaction to the Reaction. American Catholics have swallowed the poison of Puritanism and is far more focused on trying to build a life on protest than it is on living toward Christ. We can’t build a life on Not Being Them. All it gets us is the dissolution we [Read More...]

The Quartermaster of the Barque…

…has a small request. [Read more...]

Kevin O’Brien…

…struggles with living in a Church where so many Catholic still waste so much time on trying to figure out how close they can get to torturing people instead of trying to figure out how to treat prisoners humanely and get the intel we need. It’s astonishing to hear “prolife” Christians, who worship a torture [Read More...]

Kevin O’Brien takes a bus tour

…of the culture of death. Personally, I prefer the duck boats in Boston and Seattle. [Read more...]

Frabjous Day!

Zippy Catholic is back on the air! [Read more...]

Are Religious Beliefs Going to Screw Up First Contact?

Mike Flynn has more fun that somebody should decently have looking at some mystic woo woo disguised as scientificalistic seriousness. Huhlarious. [Read more...]

Rod Dreher and Joe Carter Fight the Good Fight

…against the sin and scandal of “prolife” anti-Catholic zealots for torture. Well done! Well done also to Joe Carter for giving this vile filth no quarter. There is nothing left to discuss or negotiate. “Prolife” Christians who cheer for torture and, worse, cheer for sacrilegiously likening it to baptize have only one option: repent and [Read More...]

Honest Atheist Tim O’Neill on Bad Atheist History

here: The idea that the medieval Church taught the earth was flat, that Columbus bravely defied their primitive Biblical superstition and proved they were wrong by sailing to America, is a great story.  Unfortunately, it’s also historical nonsense – a fable with zero basis in reality.  It’s bad enough that I have had the experience of intelligent and [Read More...]

Blast from the Past

Does anybody else remember the Nihil Obstat blog, devoted entirely to correcting the grammar and punctuation of other Catholic blogs? Good times. Good times. [Read more...]