Acts of the Apostasy is having fun

GLOBAL WARMING SPIKES IN ADVANCE OF POPE’S ENCYCLICAL; BLOGGERS’ REACTION CITED When Francis-haters have that many cows, it’s bound to create a lot of methane. Just wait till the pope actually *says* something. [Read more…]

Stephen Hawking and the Media Rolodex

Every few months, Stephen Hawking will emit some comment that, on the lips of any other person, would be dismissed as the sort of thing one of Art Bell’s daffier guests might say. Most recently, he has been talking about his fears that AI could end the human race. If I were to seriously start [Read More…]

I often hear from people wondering how you figure out what Catholic dogma is

Behold! Three essential books for learning Catholic dogma. [Read more…]

Zippy Catholic is Back in the Saddle, Talking about Usury

Sez he: Given the Pope’s relatively recent strong public denouncement of usury, I thought your readers might be interested in my recently published (and even more recently polished) Usury FAQ. Reminds me of a piece I wrote one time after reading Dante on the surprising connection medievals made between the sins of sodomy and usury. [Read more…]

Mackerel Snapper Muses…

…on the state of Protestantism today. [Read more…]

I like Dilshad Ali

I always have.  For those not familiar with her, she is a Muslim mom blogging here at Patheos and chronicling the challenges of raising a child with autism.  She is a kind, gentle soul: one of the “little ones” of whom Christ is especially fond.  Here she is, writing with fond gratitude to thank the [Read More…]

The Thin Line Between Mercy and Heresy

A good look at the fears that distort our understanding of the mercy of God. [Read more…]

Bureaucratic Reshuffling=Sentence of Death by Ebola

You can find that much-needed and not-at-all-crazy perspective in this devastating satire from the mind of Outer Traddery here. What’s fascinating to me is how the author drops all pretense of admiring the work of people like Mother Teresa caring for the sick and dying, and makes abundantly clear that such work is a disgusting [Read More…]

Chicks on the Right Do a Bang up Job of Illustrating why…

…“The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend” should be written a thousand times on all those conservative cafeteria Catholic chalkboards full of “Don’t make the perfect the enemy of the good.” [Read more…]

Brandon Vogt Interviews Dr. Helen Alvare

About the upcoming Humanum conference. [Read more…]