A Charming Account of the Dominicans…

…and the Women’s March.  Them Dominicans know how to turn everything into a chance to evangelize. [Read more…]

Dominicans Ordain Largest Number of Friars in 45 Years!

Go Dominicans! [Read more…]

I loves me my Dominicans

Here’s a good tale from last summer, featuring both the St. Catherine of Siena Institute and the delightful Tricia Bolle, a lay Catholic missionary working in Asia. [Read more…]

“Becoming a Better Confessor: Using the Virtues and Vices in the Confessional” conference this summer

Fr. Dominic Legge, OP writes: I’m organizing a summer conference for priests on “Becoming a Better Confessor: Using the Virtues and Vices in the Confessional” through our faculty’s Thomistic Institute here at the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, D.C. We want to get the word out to priests, of course, but also to laity [Read More…]

Heidi McKenna of the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology writes

Our annual Convocation of the College of Fellows will be held at DSPT on January 31st at 1:30 pm with a reception to follow. Three DSPT Fellows – Dana Gioia (poet), Bob Flint (lawyer) and Mary Hirschfeld (economist-theologian) will present on how they view contemporary culture in their respective fields through the prism of their [Read More…]

The Dominican Option

Instead of withdrawal from the world, how about sharing the fruits of prayer and contemplation with the world? God did not so love the world that he hunkered down in Fortress Katolicus seeking the perfect liturgy, scrutinizing people for heresy, and repelling everybody who sought him as an invader. The world is to be loved, [Read More…]

Hey Berkeley! Dr. Ed Feser is coming your way next month!

The Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology writes: Dr. Ed Feser will join DSPT faculty members Michael Dodds, OP and Anselm Ramelow, OP in a symposium on “God, Reason and Reality”, a book edited by Anselm Ramelow, OP. The event will take place at 2301 Vine Street, Berkeley on Saturday, November 8 at 10:00am. Go to [Read More…]

Dominicans and Harry Potter

What’s not to love?  A fine  Youtube series that takes a look at the world of Harry Potter from a Catholic perspective and does a reasonable job of assessing the plusses and minuses.  I don’t buy everything in the analysis, but on the whole I’m very pleased to see a (typically smart) Dominican take on the books. [Read More…]

Fr. Michael Sweeney, OP…

…one of my favorite priests in the world (I dedicated By What Authority? to him) is offering Lenten reflections.  Here he is on yesterday’s readings: Love this man. I am particularly gobsmacked by his observation that the most sinister temptation Jesus faced was to abandon us by acting in his divinity. I’ve never seen that [Read More…]

Hey! All you Peeps of St. Thomas’ Posse!

Note to readers: The title is written in Gritty Urban Youth Slang so that I can “be keepin’ it real”. It is so important for Catholic writers to keep their finger on the pulse of contemporary trends, “yo”. St. Thomas was all about being as fashionable as possible. His Tantum Ergo was No. 1 with [Read More…]