ISI Books writes to say

I wanted to give you a heads-up that Maciej Ziȩba, OP—one of the foremost interpreters of the thought of Pope John Paul II—has arrived in the United States from his native Poland. Fr. Ziȩba, a close associate of John Paul, has written the new book Papal Economics: The Catholic Church on Democratic Capitalism, from Rerum [Read More…]

More Dominican Awesomeness

Dominican Sisters of Mary hold the No. 1 spot on the Billboard chart for seventh consecutive week The sounds of Mater Eucharistiae opening hearts and minds to heaven  ATLANTA, Oct. 2, 2013 – The Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist’s debut CD, MATER EUCHARISTIAE, has quickly become a bestselling album that shows no [Read More…]

Go Dominicans!

They’re busy in Ireland, sticking to the Tradition and, as a result enjoying success. People still want Jesus.  He is what the Church exists to give.  The Church does other stuff too.  But if Jesus is not at the center, you’re missing the point.  Even if we’re talking about [abortion/contraception/feeding the hungry/religious liberty/abolishing the death [Read More…]

Dominican Still Wearing White….

….months after Labor Day. Who can fathom the minds of these nefarious Sons of Torquemada? [Read more…]

Dominicans! They Sing!

[Read more…]

NPR Does a Nifty Report…

on the Ann Arbor Dominican Sisters. Lovely women. And, of course, Dominican. [Read more…]

Western Dominicans…

verily do rock the house. [Read more…]

Just one illustration among many…

of why Dominicans are awesome. Secular culture’s “Do whatever you like as long as you don’t hurt anybody” ethos boils down, in practice, to “Screw people and dump them for the new trophy wife or the Eat Pray Love Journey of self-discovery. You need to do what you need to do for you. And the [Read More…]

Hey Bay Area Catholics!

Fr. Michael Dodds, OP, has recently published a book titled Unlocking Divine Action: Contemporary Science and Thomas Aquinas. Given all that science now explains about nature, some ask whether there is really any “room” for God to act in the world. This book explores that question in light of the discoveries of contemporary science which [Read More…]

Whether St. Thomas is Boring?

Here in the Age of Utter Credulity, we are often informed by people who get all their information from the Interwebz that medievals like St. Thomas were “superstitious” while we now live in the Age of Reason. The way you can tell we live in the Age of Reason is twofold. First, we are technologically [Read More…]