Whether St. Thomas is Boring?

Here in the Age of Utter Credulity, we are often informed by people who get all their information from the Interwebz that medievals like St. Thomas were “superstitious” while we now live in the Age of Reason. The way you can tell we live in the Age of Reason is twofold. First, we are technologically [Read More...]

In need of supernatural fellowship?

Check out the Confraternity of Angelic Warfare, a Dominican apostolate which, to quote the website, is “a supernatural fellowship of men and women bound to one another in love and dedicated to pursuing and promoting chastity together under the powerful patronage of St. Thomas Aquinas and the Blessed Virgin Mary.” It’s Dominican.  How can you [Read More...]

In the words of the Doobie Brothers…

Dominicans are takin’ it to the Mall. Okay. Not quite the words of the Doobie Brothers. [Read more...]

Dominican Bananarchist Flash Mob Evangelization GO!

Dominicans are cool. [Read more...]

The Dominicans at the University of Washington Newman Center…

…are busy bees making video reflections for Advent. Check thou them out! [Read more...]

Hey Bay Area!

The Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology writes: Join Us for Exciting Events this Fall Greetings from the DSPT! We hope you had a restful summer with your family and loved ones. We are thrilled to be starting a new academic year. Next week we welcome our new students, and classes start immediately after Labor [Read More...]

One more reason to love Dominicans

Who else could give you a penetrating and fun theological analysis of the Progressive obsession with controlling your diet. It’s fascinating to watch Puritanism mutate into secular nannyism.  The intense sense of guilt remains.  The need to micromanage and control with rules remains.  The search for redemption through moral superiority remains.  The fastidious obsession with [Read More...]