Catholics and Lutherans Stand Together

in the “ecumenism of the trenches” to oppose the Culture of Death that seeks to deprive more than 20 million of the least of these of access to health care. ¬†Bravo! [Read more…]

Love Meeting Love: Ecumenism for Us Ordinary People

…is under discussion over at the Register. [Read more…]

Peter Kreeft is Always Thoughtful and Interesting

[Read more…]


Pope Francis sends greetings to Pentecostals–and they are tickled.¬† It’s not 1960 anymore. [Read more…]

Coptic and Catholic Popes to meet…

…this month. Very cool, if for no other reason than that it might alert American Fundamentalists to the fact that “pope” is not simply a term cooked up by the bishop of Rome. It turns out there’s this whole ‘nother world of Christians tracing their origins back to the apostles and scad of things American [Read More…]

The Ecumenism of the Trenches…

is now, alas, on display in Ireland as Catholics and Protestants come together to fight the first abortion clinic in the Emerald Isle. May God bless them and remove the scourge of abortion from Ireland. [Read more…]